A Portable Fireplace—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

It’s summertime and the living is easy…ish? Even with fun activities and trips planned, you’ll still need to do some tidying up, so here are some things to make that quicker. A self-sealing trash can literally does all the dirty work for you. A magnetic hair clip holder corrals all of those loose bobby pins that seem to find their way into every crevice of your vanity. A raised pet trough will keep your fluffy best friend’s messy eating habits contained. 

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Powdered Sunscreen

powdered sunscreen

You know that gross feeling at the end of the day when your sweat and sunscreen is mixed together into what feels like a sticky paste coating your skin? Avoid that with this sustainable, mineral-based 30 SPF powdered sunscreen. Just use the self-dispensing (and refillable) brush to coat your skin and enjoy the sun.

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Self-Sealing Trash Can

self-sealing trash can

It would be great to have a robot come take out your trash for you each week, but until that's available, this garbage can comes pretty darn close. The can senses when your bin is being overloaded with trash and seals itself automatically with thermoplastic sealing technology. You'll never have to worry about getting your hands dirty again.

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Personal Concrete Fireplace

personal fireplace

Fire pits have become an iconic part of summer, but they take some time to get going and many of us don't necessarily have the room to have one in our yards (if we have yards at all). To get this adorable 5-inch-by-4-inch fireplace working, you just pour a bit of rubbing alcohol into the center and then light a match. Five ounces of rubbing alcohol will keep it burning bright for 50 minutes.

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Hairpin Grabber

hairpin holder

There are a whole bunch of little things around our homes that people tend to find everywhere, like long-lost earring backs, loose change, and bobby pins. You tend to remove hair pins after your latest wedding/work day/date night (choose your own adventure) and casually toss them onto the sink. That's where this magnetic holder comes in. Just let it float over your vanity and it will suck up all of those stray pins. Even better, it keeps them all in one place.

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Pet Feeder

standing pet feeder

This raised pet feeder was created to help dogs with flatter faces (think bulldogs and pugs) reach their food easier, but it works just as well for other small breeds.The trough is 10 inches wide to catch crumbs and comes with a silicone liner that you can toss in the dishwasher between feedings.

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Multifunctional Hangers

multifunctional hangers

No matter how much closet space you have, it never really feels like enough. These hangers help you expand the capacity of your closet, so to speak, by holding up to nine items on a single hanger. Just group your dress shirts, cardigans or t-shirts together for easy access.

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