A Self-Draining Soap Dish—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

We’re all about stress-free living, so eliminate the little frustrations in life with products like a pretty self-draining soap holder that won’t let soap go mushy, a portable light for those late-night searches through your handbag, and a hair serum bar that’ll knock out flyaways. 

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An Aluminum Wallet

aluminum wallet

Nothing is more frustrating than when you're trying to find a card in an exploding wallet of receipts, dollar bills, and IDs. The Ridge Wallet is the antidote to this. It's a 6 millimeter thick (or less than 1/4 inch!) aluminum card holder that can accommodate up to 12 credit cards without stretching, and it comes with a strap or clip to carry cash. You'll be able to slide this into your front pockets.

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Hair Serum Bar

hair serum bar

It's hard to wrap your head around a serum packaged in solid form, but this bar is the real deal. You rub the bar, which is made of Abyssinian oil, squalane, and plant-based silicone alternatives, to warm some of the oils into your palms, then pass your hands through towel-dried hair to fight frizzy flyaways and shield strands from hot tools.

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Self-Draining Soap Holder Dish

draining soap dish

This ceramic soap stand might seem a little extra, but its tilted design is ingenious. It drains excess water from soap bars so they dry properly between uses, preventing mushiness. Just position it by the edge of your sink so water drips into the basin and doesn't pool on your countertop.

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sparkling water maker

You've banished plastic zip top bags and straws, but bottled bubbly beverages are still essentials on your grocery list. With the SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker, you can make your own carbonated drinks at home and cut back significantly on plastic waste when you fill the reusable bottles. You can control the level of "fizz" with the retro-looking lever. Plus, we love how slim it is at just over 7 inches wide, and the fact that it's cordless. It requires no electricity, because it's powered by the pressure of gas. (Science!)

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Handbag Light

handbag light

Straining your eyes and fumbling around the bottom of your bag for your keys feels like an eternity when it's dark and late at night. With this small, portable light, you can immediately spot what you need. Because it's motion-sensored, it's activated by your hand's movement and turns off automatically after 10 seconds of no nearby activity.

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A Washable Grill

washable grill

Yes, you really can wash (nearly) this entire George Foreman grill! Besides the control panel, just stick all of the parts in the sink, or better yet, the dishwasher for headache-free cleanup. It has all the other perks we've come to love about George Foreman grills too—it's super compact at 10 inches long and 11 inches wide, plus it has a 3/4 inch hinge for thick burgers and sandwiches.

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