Put extra ease into your spring cleaning with an adjustable rack that drains bottles over the sink, machine-washable wipes, and a litter box deodorizer to eliminate smells.
drip.it Bottle Drainer & Cloth Drying Rail
Credit: thegrommet.com
over-sink bottle drainer and cloth drying rail
Credit: thegrommet.com

Drip.it Bottle Drainer and Cloth Drying Rail

$30; thegrommet.com

Dry your bottles and caps on one side of this adjustable over-the-sink rack; air out dishcloths and sponges on the other. It also pinch hits as a trivet. 

machine-washable cloth wipe dispenser
Credit: yowel.com

Yowel Countertop Model Eco-Friendly Wipes

$55; yowel.com

These machine-washable cloths are about the size of paper towels. Stuff the dispenser with a pack of 40, then use to sop up spills. Launder and repeat up to 4,000 times! 

cat litter deodorizer
Credit: skoutshonor.com

Litter Box Deodorizer

$15; skoutshonor.com

You love the cat—but hate litter box duty. Just spritz on this plant-based solution to eke out a few more days before scooping. 

video conference mute button
Credit: uncommongoods.com

Video Conference Mute Button

$49; uncommongoods.com

Midspeech, you realize you're muted. (Or midsneeze, you notice you aren't.) Never again, thanks to this USB plug-in that glows when your laptop mic is on and has its own mute button. 

fog-free shower mirror
Credit: melaninhaircare.com

XL Shower Mirror

$22; melaninhaircare.com

Upgrade your in-shower natural hair-care routine with this light, shatterproof mirror that never mists up. A strong suction cup keeps it firmly mounted to even the sleekest tiles. 

floss and lip balm pack
Credit: mylewie.com

Lip Balm and Floss

$20; mylewie.com

After you grab lunch, give your teeth a quick zhuzh with floss from one end of the tube. Then flip it and slather on some organic lip balm, in one of three flavors.