It’s nearly summer vacation time, so if you’re looking for a few new things to pack, keep reading. Add a TSA-friendly face wash bar to your toiletry case. A luggage tag tracker will allow you to relax and enjoy your flight. An app-controlled toothbrush will make you stick to good brushing habits while away from home.
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hibar soap
face wash bar

Eco-Friendly Face Wash


Look mom, no plastic! This solid face wash bar is fragrance-free and filled with amino acids and silk protein. Just rub some of the wash on your hands and apply to your face, then rinse clean. One of these bars is equal to 8 ounces of liquid face wash. 

luggage tracking tags

Luggage Tracking Tag

$44.95 for four;

There's no worse way to start off a trip than with lost luggage. One counter rep tells you it somehow went to Charleston while your baggage ticket indicates it's somewhere in North Dakota? Avoid all of that by using this loop-through bag tag that holds an AirTag, so you can track your bag through your phone and get incredible up-to-date and precise data. 

grillable cheese

Grillable Cheese

$39 for three;

Who doesn't love grilled cheese? These 8-ounce blocks of cheese come in flavors like roasted garlic, cheesy pizza, and Nashville hot baked cheese (yes, please). Cook it any way you'd like: bake, grill, pan-fry. No matter what, it's going to be delicious. 

hum toothbrush kit

Hard-Working Toothbrush


This electric toothbrush is perfect for those mornings when you're so tired you can barely function. Sonic vibrations help you get a better clean, while a timer pulses to let you know when your two minutes is up. The corresponding app will track your habits and tell you if you're missing spots. 

magnetic shelf for stove

Stove Shelf


Cooking gets messy, especially when a rogue vegetable or noodle goes flying through the air and into the crevices around your stove (which happens a lot, right?). The shelf allows you to cover that area behind your oven so you can avoid a pile-up of rancid food. Plus, it creates extra shelf space to store spices. 

dust-free cat litter

Dust-Free Litter


Love the cat but hate the debris they track all over the house from their litter box? This stuff is made from soybeans and is 99 percent dust-free. It's also flushable. You can toss your cat's waste down the toilet instead of wasting a plastic bag or letting the smell linger in your garbage. It's a game changer.