Leakproof Condiment Bottles for Camping—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Make life a little easier with a laptop dock that declutters your work surface, condiment bottles that will never leak and ruin your belongings, and a cozy bed for kitty that’s actually easy to wash.

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Locking Fanny Pack

locking fanny pack

Created by a dad who wanted to prevent his kids from rummaging through his bag with medications, the Durango fanny pack features a discreet, built-in combination lock. On top of this security feature, it's made of activated carbon fiber, which makes the fabric stink-proof, and the zipper is water-resistant—perfect for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

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Laptop Dock

laptop dock

If your WFH setup is feeling a little chaotic with a desktop and laptop combo, streamline your work surface using this docking station. Attach it to your desk and then slide in any Macbook Pro manufactured between 2016 and 2020. The DockBook will hold it closed, keeping it charged and connected to your monitor. When you're done for the day, you can just grab your laptop without unplugging any cables.

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A Water Bottle with a Special Lid

pour through water bottle

Klean Kanteen's newest vacuum insulated bottle features a cap that allows for 360 degrees pouring, which means you can leave it on and still dispense your beverage of choice from any angle. This is ideal for many drinks, like wine, as keeping it capped locks in freshness and prevents oxygenation. Plus, the double-walls keep contents hot or cold for 24 or 80 hours, respectively. Now sign us up for prosecco in the park!

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Hygienic Travel Toothbrushes

hygienic travel toothbrush

Most travel toothbrushes feel flimsy and don't deliver a satisfying, deep clean. This one exceeds expectations though with its dual-layered bristles, which are 10 times thinner than other brands and because of this, can reach easy-to-miss, cavity-prone grooves. And the bristles are silver-infused, so 99 percent of germs are gone after six hours. To think, this is a travel brush!

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A New Bed for Kitty

cat sleeping bag

Your furry feline can now take their cat naps in this adorable, miniature sleeping bag. They can cocoon themselves inside the sack, or if they're not the burrowing type, they can rest on top of the pillowy surface. It comes with two removable pillow inserts, so the cover is machine-washable.

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Leak-proof Squeeze Bottles

leakproof squeeze bottles

Condiments should go on food, not all over the contents of the bag in which they're packed! Enter these leak-proof squeeze bottles from OXO. The tips have screw-on caps for an extra layer of protection, and there are built-in measurement markings on the containers. If you're not a big cook, you can also use these for body wash, shampoos, or conditioners. We especially love that the bottles are dishwasher-safe.

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