A Weighted Pillow for Sunny Beach Days—and 5 More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

A smart way to travel with jewelry, tech accessories to make your work-from-home life even easier, and more genius products ahead.

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Necklace Wrangler

necklace wrangler

Tired of arriving at your weekend getaway with your necklaces tangled in a bunch? This genius invention, created by jewelry designers, ensures you'll never spend precious vacation time undoing knots. Just slide one end in the slot, wrap around, then secure the other end. It's a much better way to travel with your jewelry and comes in several fun designs; we're partial to the "juicy bunch" pack.

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Ballast Weighted Beach Pillow

Ballast beach pillow

This beach pillow is weighted so you can keep your towel from blowing away and get neck support. It folds up to a small square and tucks away easily in a tote. Even better, the material is moisture wicking and resistant to sand (so none follows you home). There's even a removable ice pack so you stay extra cool. Just don't forget the sunscreen before taking a snooze!

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PopSockets PopGrip Plant

pop socket Plant Light Jade

From the makers of the popular phone grip comes an eco-friendly version, made from plant-based materials like corn starch and castor beans. It securely attaches to your phone and is even recyclable. Take selfies more easily, use it as a kickstand to watch a movie or as a grip when texting.

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Grovemade Desk Tray

grovemade desk tray

This organizing tray is lined with grippy cork so your supplies don't knock around when you open the drawer. The aluminum base looks chic enough to even leave out on your desk top if you choose.

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Thigh Society Cooling Bloomers

thigh society cooling shorts

Summer is near, and with it, sundress season. Say goodbye to thigh chafing and sticky legs with this perfect pair of high-rise shorts to slip on underneath. They're made from sweat-wicking cooling fabric, are the perfect length for midi skirts and dresses, and feature a cotton lining, so no need to wear underwear underneath if that's your vibe.

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