We’re venturing out more and upping our entertaining game. Spruce up your home for guests with compostable wipes in the prettiest packaging, prep for your next dinner party with a trivet-phone stand gadget, and enjoy nature safely with stick-on sunblock strips.
FRUITY Rotating Colander | Separable Colander and Bowl Set
Credit: lovehubee.com

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smartmat and trivet
Credit: cribsi.com

Smart Trivet

$50; cribsi.com

No need to lean your phone precariously against your dish rack when you're trying to follow a recipe with this double-duty beauty. It's a silicone trivet with different size grooves so you can slot in and prop up your celly at various angles. Once you're done cooking, place your hot pot on it.

sunblock patches
Credit: sunpatch.com

Peel & Stick Sunblock

From $16; sunpatch.com

Warmer weather should mean eating lobster rolls…not looking like a lobster. Add another layer of protection to sensitive areas of your face, like your undereyes, from the sun's scorching rays. Stick on these colorful silicone patches to clean, dry skin, and top it all off with sunscreen, lotion, or makeup. The patches are UPF50+ and waterproof, so they won't slide off mid-hike or swim, and they're reusable.

rotating colander
Credit: lovehubee.com

Rotating Colander Bowl Set

$22; lovehubee.com

Rinse produce in this colander-bowl hybrid. It's designed so the colander rotates within the bowl, which you can manipulate with one hand. Fortunately, you can separate the two to get more uses out of the contraption. 

motion sensor light switch
Credit: legrand.us

A Motion Sensor Light Switch

$55; legrand.us

Light switches are notoriously laden with bacteria, and unless you have pricey app-controlled bulbs, they're hard to avoid. Legrand's answer to this is the Wave Switch collection, which features motion-sensor switches. If you've got dirty hands, or have both arms filled with groceries, you can wave your lights on or off. Consider this the 21st century version of the clapping lamps.

sanitizing wipes
Credit: getbiom.co

Compostable Sanitizing Wipes

$52; getbiom.co

Biodegradable, plant-based sanitizing wipes are hard to come by, but Biom has developed a line that's effective against 99.9 percent of germs and is still gentle on skin and surfaces because of its fruit-derived alcohol and aloe formula. It's dispensed by a beautifully sleek refillable canister, but we especially love the magnetic top, which creates an airtight seal to prevent dry, crunchy wipes. (No, thanks!) A starter kit comes with the dispenser and two packs of wipes.

pull start fire
Credit: pullstartfire.com

Pull-String Firestarter

$20; pullstartfire.com

Building a fire doesn't have to be a huge production anymore. In fact, with the Pull-String Firestarter, you don't even need matches or a lighter. The magic happens when you place the paper box in your pile of wood and quickly pull on the attached long string. It takes a second or two for the flame to erupt but that's probably still much faster than other traditional methods. Plus, it works with wet wood too!