6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Real Simple’s mission, through its 21 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these. See a smarter tool for burrito fans, a beginner-friendly outdoor gardening kit, and more finds for early March.

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Final Biggie Straw

6 Clever Items (3/5/21) - Final Biggie Straw

Finally: A reusable straw that can hold up against boba, milkshakes, and even your go-to, super-thick morning smoothie. This extra-wide straw folds into a compact carrying case (that makes sanitary transportation easier, too) and comes with a cleaning squeegee.

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Bloomscape Bloom Kits

6 Clever Items (3/5/21) - Bloomscape outdoor grow kit

Everyone's favorite houseplant company heads outdoors with the launch of these patio-perfect kits, which come with a selection of young plants that you can plant in a pot or hanging container for outdoor blooming. Each kit comes with care instructions and outdoor fertilizer, too, so you'll be set up for outdoor gardening success from day one.

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Smithey Ironware Co. No. 6 Skillet

6 Clever Items (3/5/21) - Smithey Ironware Co. No. 6 Skillet

Smaller-scale stovetop projects and baking endeavors just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Smithey's new, smaller cast iron skillet. This 6-inch pan is better suited to single-serve meals and desserts than its larger siblings, while the polished finish and pre-seasoned coating offer the same cast-iron cooking experience you know and love.

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Twist & Eat Burrito Holder

6 Clever Items (3/5/21) - Twist & Eat Burrito Holder

You might laugh, but the burrito lovers among us will be scrambling to try this clever carrier. With an easy-to-carry handle, insulated sides, and a hidden inner elevator that lifts your burrito higher with a single twist, this tool makes eating burritos on the go (or even bringing them home from the food truck down the block) easier and cleaner.

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Modern Sprout Terracotta Grow Kit – Bonsai

6 Clever Items (3/5/21) - Modern Sprout Terracotta Grow Kit – Bonsai

Try a new kind of indoor plant-care with this compact kit, which allows you to grow a gorgeous bonsai tree in one compact container. Complete with seeds, a growing pot, and instructions, you'll have a tabletop tree in no time.

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Amazon Alexa COVID-19 Testing Location Data

6 Clever Items (2/26/21) - Amazon Alexa COVID-19 Testing Location Data

As of this month, your Amazon Echo device can help you get tested for COVID-19. Simply ask, "Alexa, where can I get tested for COVID-19?" Your Alexa assistant will provide the nearest testing location and even call it for you, if you want more information.

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