A Puffer Jacket That Doubles as a Pillow—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Whip up weekend brunch in fewer steps and find out the new and improved meaning to the "packable puffer." Whether you're finding yourself always on the go or spending more time at home, these items will make your routine a breeze.

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Clutch iPhone Charger


Stash this thin gadget among the credit cards in your wallet, and you can juice up your phone on the go. It has a tiny charging cable built in.

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The Mini reBoard


This eco-friendly cutting booard is crafted from recycled plastic and sugarcane (yes, the sweet stuff), which makes it durable and scratch resistant. It's also dishwasher safe.

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Addition Quilted Packable Puffer Jacket

packable puffer

What you'll like: This slim jacket is made with recycled fabric and filling. What you'll love: It stuffs down and packs into a handy neck pillow.

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Nellie's Free Range Eggs French Toast Mix

french toast mix

Just add water to this shelf-stable mix and dip in slices to make speedy French toast. One package transforms an entire loaf of bread.

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ChomChom Roller

chomchom roller

This roller uses static to remove hair and fur from clothes and furniture—no tape or refills needed. A tidy receptacle catches all the fuzz (two long-haired cats' worth for our tester!).

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leopard print towel on Peloton bike
Drip Accessory

This absorbent cover fits over your stationary bike's handlebars so yoou can keep a firm grip and prevent grime. (It also comes with a clip-on towel.)

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