It's that mid-winter slump and we could all use a little oomph. So we put together six helpful products that will help you charge your devices quickly, stretch achy muscles, and pocket your essentials at the gym.
InstantCharger 65W 2 USB

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sheet of reflective safety stickers on white background
Credit: Rad Power Bikes

Reflective Safety Sticker


Daylight Saving Time will be here soon and that means it will be a little darker in the morning. Stay seen while you cycle with this set of reflective stickers. They easily attach to your bike frame and increase your visibility to those you share the road with. 

tearless yellow onions
Credit: Sunions


From $1.99 for a 2-lb bag;

Sometimes onions can really turn on the waterworks when you're slicing up a few for that weeknight stir fry. But this variety of sweet onions has a bit of magic: They won't make you cry when slicing! Get them now before the season ends in April. 

collapsible foam roller
Credit: Brazyn Life

Morph Collapsible Foam Roller


Achy back? Sore glutes? This innovative foam roller will come to the rescue. Once you're done, it collapses for easy storage (or to take on the go). Made from eco-friendly aluminum and bamboo. It supports up to 350lbs of weight and weighs just 1.5lbs. 

instant charger with multiple attachments
Credit: Infinity Lab



Power up your device from Maine or Mallorca with this travel set, which includes power pins for the U.S., Europe, and U.K. There's inputs for USB-A charging (smartphone) and USB-C (laptops). It also has quick-charging technology built in to fully charge a MacBook Air in just 40 minutes. Even better, it's made from 90 percent recycled plastics.

sports bra with pocket in the front
Credit: Pockito

Pockito Bra


Pockets. We love pockets. And this sports bra has three to stow your smartphone, lip balm, or keys so you never have to tote your necessities from machine to machine at the gym. The bra has run-ready support and a wine chest band for comfort too.

virtual assistant on iphone
Credit: HomeX


Free to start;

Feel like you can do that home task yourself…but with a little assistance from a pro? With this service, a tech will virtually help you repair a dishwasher issue, help you install a garbage disposal, or diagnose a frozen pipe—all without making a house call.