There comes a time in your adult life when you find yourself wanting to pack a lunch (yes, it comes for us all). But you don't want to show up with either a brown paper bag or the Scooby-Doo canvas version you somehow still have from middle school. Welcome to this week's column and see item number one, please. Plus, a dish soap squeeze bottle and a unique pepper jelly that'll knock the socks off even your great aunt from Georgia.
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Title Modern Picnic The Luncher
Credit: Courtesy of Modern Picnic

Modern Picnic The Luncher


This vegan leather, fully insulated lunch box fits your sandwich or salad and a snack and sunglasses or lip balm in the back pockets. With more than 10 sleek color options, she'll keep your lunch cold but look oh-so-good doing it.

Cool Revolution Cozy Long Cardigan
Credit: Courtesy of CoolRevolution

Cool Revolution Cozy Long Cardigan


Women who experience hot flashes know they can turn from hot to cold in an instant, so keep this cozy cardigan within arm's reach. It's made from soft French terry, is moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating, and can be thrown in the washing machine after you've worn it every day for a week (we understand!).

Dawn EZ-Squeeze
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Dawn EZ-Squeeze


No more fiddling with the dish soap container while you're elbow-deep in the sink. With this redesigned dispenser, you just grab, squeeze, and the grease-fighting solution streams onto your sponge.

Red Clay Hot Pepper Conserve
Credit: Courtesy of Red Clay

Red Clay Hot Pepper Conserve

$18 for set of 2;

Take a page from Southern cooking and serve this take on a pepper jelly that's made with red bell and habanero peppers and a touch of real cane sugar at your next dinner party. It's a pantry multitasker; put it on biscuits, serve it with a charcuterie board, and even use it to marinate chicken.

Great Useful Stuff Leather Oven Mitt
Credit: Courtesy of Great Useful Stuff

Great Useful Stuff Leather Oven Mitt


This genuine leather mitt protects your hands—with a lining that can withstand temperatures as high as 450 degrees—and looks sleek. Keep it on display with the hanging hook to add to your kitchen aesthetic.

Hive starter kit
Credit: Courtesy of Hive


Price varies;

Looking to support more women's businesses, sustainable companies or low-carbon footprint brands? This online shop offers bundles to make discovering these types of products easier—in curated themes like breakfast foods or chocolate lovers—so you can try before you fully commit.