6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Real Simple’s mission, through its 21 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these. Between a Valentine’s Day–ready baking mold and a more portable option for your morning brew, these products are true problem-solvers.

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Therawell Reflexology Foot Mat

6 Clever Items (1/29/21) - Therawell Reflexology Foot Mat

For a mini foot massage tool that takes up minimal space, try this thin mat, which you can place on the floor and then put your feet on for just-right pressure. The massaging nubs are broken up by spots that offer more or less pressure, depending on what you need, to help relieve stress, improve circulation, and more.

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Yardbird Outside On-The-Go Kickball Set

6 Clever Items (1/29/21) - Yardbird Outside On-The-Go Kickball Set

Whether your kickball field is actually a street or a local park, or you want to take your favorite all-ages game on the road, this portable kit has everything you need for a great game in one carry-able bucket. The kit includes heavy-duty rubber bases (for a more polished feel) and the kickball.

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Silpat Heart Mold

6 Clever Items (1/29/21) - Silpat Heart Mold

Perfect for mini muffins, pastry shells, or quiches, this silicone mat—placed on your go-to baking sheet—makes 20 small, heart-shaped sweets. Whether you're preparing drop-off bags for a remote school Valentine's Day celebration or preparing to shower your love with hearts, this dishwasher-safe, durable kitchen tool makes it easy.

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Any Mug Reusable Drink Covers

6 Clever Items (1/29/21) - Any Mug Reusable Drink Covers

Turn your favorite mug into a portable go-cup with these reusable, flexible lids, which fit over most mugs to help avoid spills while you're moving. (They also help keep your drink warmer longer by keeping the heat trapped.) Perfect for morning dog-walkers or strollers who want to keep their brew close by, these lids take up less space than a thermos—and they're dishwasher-safe.

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Joseph Joseph EasyStore Stainless-Steel Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Roll Holder with Shelf and Drawer

6 Clever Items (1/29/21) - Joseph Joseph EasyStore Stainless-Steel Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Roll Holder with Shelf and Drawer

The friction-grip roller on this bathroom tool helps prevent the roll from unravelling too soon, but that's not the greatest part of this find: It includes a shelf for keeping scent sprays, small reading materials, or other bathroom essentials close at hand, plus a discrete drawer for sanitary items (or whatever else you want to keep there).

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Yelp Health and Safety Information

6 Clever Items (1/29/21) - Yelp Health and Safety Information

In a continued effort to help give people the tools they need to support local businesses, Yelp has updated the COVID-19 section on business pages to allow users or customers to note if they saw staff wearing masks and the enforcement of social distancing while at a business. Businesses can also mark whether they offer heated outdoor seating, 1:1 sessions, and other services or health and safety practices—in addition to whether social distancing practices are followed and masks are worn—so visitors know what to expect before arriving.

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