Mugs are cozy, mugs are cute, but often, you have so many that mugs are all you have space for in your already overcrowded cabinet. This week, we've found one that'll stack delightfully with all your others. Plus, five more items to make your kitchen the most "clever" part of your home.
Area ware Confetti Cup
Confetti Cups
Credit: Courtesy of Areaware

Confetti Cups

$22 each;

So many coffee cups have handles that take up prime cabinet real estate. These chic stacking versions save space with raised grips.

Breakfast Cleanable Whisk
Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Breakfast Cleanable Whisk


The beaded tips help this tool beat eggs, mix marinade, and blend batter in a flash. A built-in slider cleans the tines.

Soap Dispensing Sponge Holder
Credit: Courtesy of Oxo

Soap Dispensing Sponge Holder


Fill the holder with dish soap, then press your sponge on it to dispense the sudsy stuff. After the dishes are done, rest the sponge on the vented ledge for quick drying.

The Chef’s Press
Credit: Courtesy of Chef’s Press

Chef's Press


For evenly grilled fish or a fast sear on a steak, just plop this press on top. It helps the food maintain better contact with the grill or pan.

Cheese Knife
Credit: Courtesy of Pampered Chef

Cheese Knife


Use the knife to cut soft cheese, like Brie, and the planer to slice semifirm cheese, like Cheddar. The fork tip moves the piece right onto your cracker, no fingers required.

Food Market Tea Towel
Credit: Courtesy of Lana's Shop

Food Market Tea Towel


Berries: fridge or counter? Just check this adorably illustrated towel that features storage advice for 18 fruits and veggies, plus eggs.