A Sleek, Collapsible Dog Crate—and More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week

A new year calls for setting new intentions, and whether that’s finally crate training your dog, meal prepping, or working on your fitness, we’ve found the best products to make achieving your goals easier.

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Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Diggs Revol Dog Crate
Courtesy of Diggs

This ergonomic and collapsible kennel is not just a dog crate. It's also a crate training tool for puppies, a comfy place for a senior dog to rest, and an easily portable home for your pooch. It has a diamond-shaped mesh that won't damage jaws and paws (cute rhyme!), a garage-style door that makes it feel more spacious, and an add-on crate pad. Plus, it won't rust, and comes in three sizes.

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Stojo Box

Stojo Boxes
Courtesy of Stojo

Meal prepping has never been so easy with this three-piece collapsible storage system. Sandwiches and leftovers won't get smushed in these dishwasher- and microwave-safe containers that'll help you reduce your plastic bag waste. Choose from six sleek colors.

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Staff The Oven Mitts

Staff The Oven Mitts
Courtesy of Coming Soon

Colorful, smiling, and textured, making them easy to spot in an overcrowded drawer and even easier to help you grab the most unwieldy of dishes, these mitts are dishwasher safe and made of silicone that's temperature resistant up to 446 degrees.

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Suds2Go Bottle

Suds2Go Bottle
Courtesy of suds2go

Hate the stickiness of hand sanitizer but still want to feel clean? Squeeze the foamy soap from the pump dispenser, then squirt water to rinse from the stainless steel bottle. Bonus, the bottle will keep water cold for drinking.

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HyperSphere Mini

HyperSphere Mini
Courtesy of Rogue Fitness

Sometimes a new workout means sore muscles...just rub this vibrating ball into knots and tightness to relieve any soreness pre or post workout. It has a textured silicone grip that won't slip when you're rolling things out.

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The Chef's Garden Best of the Season Box

The Chef’s Garden Best of the Season Box
Courtesy of Farmer Jones Farm®

If you're not sure what vegetables are in season or you want to try something new, select a box for the size of your family and each week fresh produce will be delivered to your door. You can always count on the veggies to be ripe right out of the field.

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