A Cat Couch—and More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week

Can we please take a moment for…this…cat couch? Can’t imagine a better way to start off 2022 than by watching your kitty scratch away happily on this adorable tiny piece of furniture. But if that’s not your speed, we’ve also found a hat perfect for winter running, a cup holder that fits onto your couch, and a unique and protective take on the iPhone case.

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Work in Progress Cat Couch

Work in Progress Cat Couch
Courtesy of Work in Progress

A perfect place for your feline friend (or small dog) to perch, this sleek, hand-crafted couch houses scratch pads they'll love. Let 'em scratch, flip it over, then recycle; it's much more sustainable—and beautiful, we might add—than buying a new scratching post every time.

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Kibou Deliberately Minimal Diaper Bag

Kibou Deliberately Minimal Diaper Bag
Courtesy of Kibou

When you've already got a baby strapped to you or in your arms, you might just topple over if you're also toting a massive diaper bag on your shoulder. This fanny pack is made from completely wipeable vegan leather, has a built-in waterproof pocket to store wipes and a detachable changing pad, plus easily reachable slots for your cards and cash.

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TrailHeads Ponytail Hat

TrailHeads Ponytail Hat
Courtesy of Trailheads

If you're a dedicated runner or walker, even in the winter, you'll love the thermal coverage of this hat with a convenient place to pull your ponytail through. The fleece is warm but sweat-wicking and is machine washable.

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Watruer Sofa Cup Holder

Watruer Sofa Cup Holder
Courtesy of Amazon

Perfect for places where there's no room for a side table, this silicone cup holder attaches easily to any size sofa arm and will hold everything from a coffee mug to wine glass. The tacky underside is guaranteed to prevent slips and spills, and it's also an easy place to store a phone or remote while you Netflix.

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FLAUNT Square iPhone Case

FLAUNT Square iPhone Case
Courtesy of Flaunt

New phone from the holidays but still need a case? This square version cushions the corners of your phone for extra shock absorption and is much easier to grab and hold. Plus, it looks extra chic.

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Little Lights

Little Lights Rainbow
Courtesy of Little Lights

For the perfect nap time glow in your little one's nursery or bedroom, these fun-shaped lights are hand made from natural pinewood, remote controlled with a dimmer and timer, and can be hung on the wall as an adorable decoration.

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