6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Real Simple’s mission, through its 21 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these. See a smarter on-the-go storage trick, a tabletop bread warmer, and more gear to improve the everyday.

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Pocket Socks

6 Clever Items (1/8/21) - Pocket Socks

For an easier (and more secure) spot for stashing essentials, turn to Pocket Socks. These smart socks have a subtle zippered pocket that’s large enough to hold a credit card, some cash, or keys, so you can keep valuables safe—or carry what you need without weighing down pockets or lugging a bag along. Men and women’s sizes are available in various styles.

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Moft Invisible Lightweight Laptop Computer Stand

6 Clever Items (1/8/21) - Moft Invisible Lightweight Laptop Computer Stand

This collapsible computer stand is a must for an on-the-go worker who hates to sit all day. It unfolds easily into a computer platform for a standing desk and adjusts to various angles to suit your position. When it’s time to pack up for the day, the stand folds down to the size of a thin book for easy storage.

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Bread Warming Bag

6 Clever Items (1/8/21) - Bread Warming Bag

Keep fresh-from-the-oven bread warm and toasty on the table a little longer with these smart, rustic-style bags, which have a terracotta stone that can be heated and placed into the bag with bread to keep everything at the perfect temperature until the last slice or roll is eaten.

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Velcro Brand Face Mask Extender Straps

6 Clever Items (1/8/21) - Velcro Brand Face Mask Extender Straps

Mask-wearing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Make this essential item more comfortable to wear with these reusable extender straps, which hold ear straps securely behind your head to keep them from tugging at your ears. Using the power of Velcro, these straps are designed to not catch on hair and be adjustable to fit any head size.

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Welly Excursion Kit

6 Clever Items (1/8/21) - Welly Excursion Kit

Kick off 2021 with a replenished first-aid kit. This extra large set is made for bumps, scrapes, and bruises, with bandages, tape, pads, antibiotic packets, and more basics for solving low- to mid-level injuries.

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myStudentAid app

6 Clever Items (1/8/21) - myStudentAid app

This app from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Federal Student Aid gives those filling out the all-important FAFSA a mobile option. Launched in 2018 but newly refreshed late in 2020, the updated app allows parents and students to fill out the FAFSA, of course, but also features a personalized dashboard that summarizes aid and payment schedules and has info on loans and grants for a more streamlined, manageable approach to financial aid. Available on iPhone and Android devices.

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