A Sofa That Will Fit Anywhere—and More Clever Items to Upgrade Your Life This Week

Welcome to 2022! This week we’ve found a sofa that’s slim, but won’t skimp on comfort, a pair of gardening gloves you can use beyond your flower beds, and a delivery service that will help you make nice with your avocados.

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BenchMade Skinny Fat Sofa

Skinny Fat Sofa
Courtesy of BenchMade Modern

If the new year brought you a new apartment or home with tight spaces, this sofa is lauded as the most sleek and maneuverable on the market with a seat depth of 37 inches. It's incredibly cozy and completely customizable, from the fabric to the color to add-on sectional styles.

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Blingo Classic

Blingo Classic jewelry case
Courtesy of Blingo

No more rifling around for your shiny things rolling around in the bottom of your carry on or weekender bag. This little zippable pouch will hold your necklaces, rings, and earrings in place, and keep them tangle-free nestled in soft little prongs like the head of your hairbrush.

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Foxgloves eGloves

Foxgloves eGloves
Courtesy of Foxgloves

No more removing your gloves when you're in the midst of a gardening session to answer a phone call. What sets these apart is the tech enabled panel that covers all five fingers and the palm of the hand, much more than just one tech finger. They're also water resistant, offer sun protection, and are machine washable.

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Tea House Tea Bag Dispenser

Tea House Tea Bag Dispenser
Courtesy of Animi Causa

Try to contain yourself as you take in this little house that will ensure a relaxing cup of tea is right at your fingertips at all times. Like a tissue box for tea bags, it'll keep them neatly stacked when you come to knock on its door.

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HappyLight Luxe

HappyLight Luxe
Courtesy of Verilux

As the cold temperatures really ramp up, most of us will be spending more and more time indoors but missing the sunshine of warmer days. To improve your mood, turn on this lamp that uses UV-free light to mimic sunlight with four brightness levels and three colors. You can also set up a timer in five-minute increments if you'd like to use it to help you wake up in the morning.

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Courtesy of Apeel

How frustrating is it when you patiently wait days for your avocado to ripen, then feel like you have to use the entire thing in one day or it'll be too ripe? This produce, which you can purchase from Fruitstand or use the locator to find in stores near you, is coated with an extra all-natural peel that keeps moisture in and oxygen out. You and avocados can go from frenemies to best friends, finally.

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