Motivation expert Nicole Williams shares her list

By Real Simple
Updated November 05, 2008
Ann Summa

1. Perfect a signature dish. You’ve got to have one delicious dish that will leave people searching through your drawers to find the recipe.

2. Complete a physical challenge you never envisioned doing. Climb Kilimanjaro. Run a half marathon. Take up tai chi. Physical fitness translates into mental toughness―always a valuable trait in business.

3. Go on a silent retreat. No talking for three days. Bring a journal; the revelations will come pouring out!

4. Give your body the works. Pamper yourself with a complete head-to-toe spa treatment. It’s worth the price―just once!

5. Take the dream vacation. You could spend a lifetime waiting for the right timing and financial security, but life’s too short to miss out, so do it anyway. Bora Bora, here you come!

6. Be photographed in the buff. Nude photography done tastefully can be a freeing experience, and it can redefine the way you look at yourself.

7. Speak your mind for a day. Whatever comes to mind, shout it out loud. Find out who is surprisingly unoffended.

8. Read the classics. Set aside a few hours each Saturday and treat yourself to literature’s finest―it will enrich your life and broaden your thinking.

9. Create your inspiration space. Decorate a room to call yours―and only yours―with colors, artwork, quotes, and items that motivate you and inspire creativity.

10. Hire a stylist. She’ll come to your home, help you sort out your clothes, make combinations you would have never thought of, and determine what shapes, colors, fabrics, and styles were made for you. You’ll leave feeling like you went on a shopping spree without having to buy a thing.

11. Make your own life list! Either use your own or go to and share it with your friends. Everyone should have a to-do list that doesn’t involve anything office-related.