These Random Acts of Kindness Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Readers share the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for them. 


Photo by rubberball/Getty Images

An incredible woman at the Women’s March
 told me I had lipstick
 on my teeth.
 We bonded instantly.

— @AbbDean


Our neighborhood really pushes 
recycling, so much so that our trash has to be thrown away in special bags. When we bought our house, before we even moved in, a neighbor (a few streets down!) and longtime resident dropped off multiple sizes of the trash bags, along with a card and a bottle of wine. We felt so welcomed to 
our new home!

— Ashley Nylin, 
Decatur, Georgia


My mother-in-law has dementia and 
is in a wheelchair. 
It is rare that she agrees to leave 
her assisted living home any­more. We took her to the park the other 
day, and a stranger came up and told her how pretty 
she looked. She immediately 
smiled and said, “Why, thank you.” 
It truly brightened her day.

— Lisa Junkins, Collierville, Tennessee


When I was first separated from my children’s father, my youngest was 
a senior in high school. After the information came out about senior portraits, I wrote to the company saying that although the proofs were lovely, I couldn’t afford to purchase any. Much to my surprise, an envelope containing the photos arrived in our mailbox a short while later, including an 8-by-10 for framing. I frantically called the company to say I couldn’t pay for them, and the office manager told me they were 
a gift from the company president, who couldn’t bear 
a family forgoing their child’s senior ­portrait.

— Nancy Lippincott, Grafton, Massachusetts


I came home from work one day to find that my neighbor had mowed 
my lawn. I had 
hurt my back and 
been unable to 
do it myself for 
several weeks.

— Wendy Hammack, Lancaster, California


A couple at a restaurant stopped by our table to compliment my children’s behavior. With four children 
six and under, I normally hear comments like “You have your hands full!” Hearing a kind word instead was 
a treasure I won’t soon forget.

— Elizabeth Butler, Tampa, Florida


One Saturday morning in college, I was standing in the flower section at 
a grocery store wanting to pick out roses for my sweet mom as I was heading home to visit. 
I had no idea how to pick the freshest bouquet. A nice lady noticed my puzzlement and kindly proceeded 
to go through every type of flower in the store, showing me how to check for freshness and quality and how 
to care for each 
type. I am so grateful for her and still use her knowledge 

— Katrina Lee, 
Holland, Michigan


While I was running to school through the streets of 
Boston in the pouring rain, a nice 
man give me his umbrella. 



Many years ago, 
a successful 
advertising executive came up to 
me after a meeting 
and told me I 
should be in advertising and invited me to her office 
to observe. Her insightful perception led to my 
reality. I’ve spent 40 years in magazine sales and am still going strong!

— Gail Gillman Elansky, Avon, Connecticut


When I was racing to get the invitations in a large mailing stamped, a delightful postal employee helped place the final 
60 stamps in time for the last pickup of the day!

— Pamela Lovett, Houston, Texas


I am a heart
 transplant recipient who is thankful
 for the anonymous
 donor who saved
 my life.

— Elaine Paliatsas-Haughey, 
Bellmawr, New Jersey