Forget Hygge, Kalsarikännit Is the New Finnish Trend You Are Going to Love

You don’t even have to leave your home to partake.

You may remember hygge, the Nordic word for cozy that took 2016 by storm, but now the Finns have a new word in store for 2017: Kalsarikännit. Though not easy to pronounce, this term, as defined by the Finnish tourism board, has a meaning we can get behind: The feeling you get when you’d really rather stay home and relax in your underwear, perhaps with a glass of wine in hand. Perfect for the homebody who wants to enjoy an adventurous night in. Go ahead and cancel your plans. Here, some fun finds that’ll help you get your Kalsarikännit on.


Nope Not Today Embroidered Sweatshirt

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This cozy top provides the perfect answer to anyone who tries to get between you and your night in. Nope, not today.

To buy: $20;


Wine Please Bar Bell

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This cheeky bell is the perfect solution for the wine lover who wants his or her wine on-demand.

To buy: $10;


Tony Moly I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet

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Wine in your glass and on your face? This sheet mask is formulated with red wine extract that helps reduce the appearance of pores. Just another benefit of the adult grape juice.

To buy: $3;


My Ice Cream & Netflix Binge Spoon

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You have your go-to glass, now pair it with this go-to spoon. Perfect for lounging on the couch for the night.

To buy: $20;


Heart Eyes Wine Glass

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Sometimes being an adult means you can have more than one glass at the end of a long day. This oversized wine glass—it holds an entire bottle, though we really don't recommend going for all 750 mls—leaves no question as to how you feel about your vino.

To buy: $15;


Wine: A No-Snob Guide: Drink Outside the Box

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Forget the pretentious wine talk. This no-nonsense guide, complete with everything from tasting notes to a lesson in glassware, will have you feeling like an expert in no time.

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