Fun finds for individuals who’d really rather stay at home—and aren’t afraid to admit it.

Whether Myers-Briggs tells you so, or you’ve self-identified as an introvert, you’ll appreciate these products that affirm it’s okay to be quiet in the midst of a talkative world. Take some time to recharge your batteries (and re-caffeinate your brain) with an illustrated crystals mug or treat yourself to a pretty marbleized soap and a hot bath the next time you’re contemplating cancelling plans. From a serious book that explores the strengths of introverts to a funny art print that speaks to all of the introverted mermaids out there (you know who you are), these picks show there’s more than one way to put the “I” in INFJ. Even if you don’t necessarily consider yourself an introvert, in a world where social media lets you stay connected 24/7, the luxury of spending time alone is now even more appreciated. So go ahead and clear your schedule this weekend—you’re due for some reenergizing “me” time.

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