By Pilar Guzman
James Baigrie

It's not what you think: clunky tracks and oversize cylinder or canister lamps, circa 1981, that never seem to illuminate the right parts of the room (but always spotlight the cobwebs in the corners).

Valo Instant Track Lighting by LitesNow comes with three elegant halogen fixtures that snap onto a flexible track. The eight feet of track, with an adhesive strip that sticks to most surfaces―including drywall, brick, stone, glass, and metal―can be snipped, bent, and painted to accommodate just about any space. And the unit plugs directly into a regular outlet or existing ceiling wiring with the help of an adapter, so you don't have to call in an electrician. The best part is that you can take it with you to your next home: To remove, just run dental floss under the track. Then use a hair dryer and rub with a dry cotton cloth to remove any residual adhesive.

To buy: $90, Available in silver or white, the set includes three 20-watt halogen bulbs, a dimmer, and an adapter.


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