| Credit: Rick Lew

What to spray: Nightstands, chairs, tables, ottomans, baskets. "You can control spray paint better than brush paint, which leaves gobs on wicker," says designer and TV personality Stephen Saint-Onge. Spray paint's fine mist evenly penetrates wicker's crevices.

How to apply:

  • Like wood, wicker usually requires a primer.
  • Tackle tricky angles first. "If you start angling the can once it starts emptying, the tube is like a straw inside a tipped cup, sucking up air instead of paint," says Mike Walsh of Kilz and Hammerite paints.

RS paint pick: Kilz Odorless Aerosol Sealer-Primer (about $5, for store locations) and Krylon Interior-Exterior (62 colors, $5.50,

Also try: Krylon Fusion (40 colors, $7, works on wicker without a primer.