An Uber driver shares tips on how to increase your score.

By Stephanie Wu
October 17, 2016

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Finding out your Uber rating is no longer a mysterious thing. In fact, the company openly encourages users to be aware of their rating.

If you don’t know it, here’s exactly how to get your number.

1. Open up your Uber app and click on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner.
2. Select Help
3. Select Account and Payment
4. Select Account Settings and Ratings
5. Select the eighth item down: “I’d like to know my rating.”
6. Hit Submit

Within a matter of a few nerve-wracking seconds, your rating will pop up on the screen.

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Now that you know your rating, you probably want to know how to improve it. Most drivers won’t pick up anyone with a rating under three, and the pickiest drivers won’t go below four.

Could a low rating be affecting how quickly you get picked up and who picks you up? We spoke to Doris Starling, an Uber driver in the Los Angeles area, to get her tips on why drivers rate riders the way they do. Starling has been a driver for the past year and a half, and gives out fives most often. She’s only had to give out a one once.

“I generally don’t work at night so I don’t encounter many people under the influence,” said Starling. “But I picked up a girl at 6 p.m. and she was toasted—she was slurring her words, and she wouldn’t put the destination in. That was my first and only one rating.”



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