An Uber driver shares tips on how to increase your score.

By Stephanie Wu
Updated October 17, 2016
How to Find Out Your Uber Rating and Change It

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Finding out your Uber rating is no longer a mysterious thing. In fact, the company openly encourages users to be aware of their rating.

If you don’t know it, here’s exactly how to get your number.

1. Open up your Uber app and click on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner.
2. Select Help
3. Select Account and Payment
4. Select Account Settings and Ratings
5. Select the eighth item down: “I’d like to know my rating.”
6. Hit Submit

Within a matter of a few nerve-wracking seconds, your rating will pop up on the screen.

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Now that you know your rating, you probably want to know how to improve it. Most drivers won’t pick up anyone with a rating under three, and the pickiest drivers won’t go below four.

Could a low rating be affecting how quickly you get picked up and who picks you up? We spoke to Doris Starling, an Uber driver in the Los Angeles area, to get her tips on why drivers rate riders the way they do. Starling has been a driver for the past year and a half, and gives out fives most often. She’s only had to give out a one once.

“I generally don’t work at night so I don’t encounter many people under the influence,” said Starling. “But I picked up a girl at 6 p.m. and she was toasted—she was slurring her words, and she wouldn’t put the destination in. That was my first and only one rating.”

How to Find Out Your Uber Rating and Change It

Don’t Eat in the Car

“I’ve had people want to eat in my car, and that’s a no-no,” said Starling. “They always say, ‘I’m so hungry, I promise I won’t make a mess, is that okay?’” Her answer is always no. Bottled water, though, is fine.

Don’t Run Errands

“Some people ask me to stop for five minutes so they can run an errand,” said Starling. That wait often drags on to longer, which is unacceptable, especially during an UberPool. Starling now makes it a rule not to stop for any passenger.

“I tell them, if the roles were reversed, and you were waiting on me to get to you, would you be okay with that?”

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Do Change the Destination When Necessary

If you aren’t in an UberPool and want to make more than one stop, that can be okay.

“I’ll just ask them to change the destination if they want to stop somewhere, or if we’ve dropped off the first person and I’m on my way to the second stop,” said Starling.

Don’t Be Rude (To Anyone In the Car)

“The quickest way for me to dock you and not give you five stars is because you’re very, very rude,” said Starling. “I’ve had people be rude to me, but also to the other person in the Pool. I’ve had to ask, ‘Is there a problem, do I need to mediate?’ And I’ll dock the person who started the argument.”

Check Your PDA

“Kissing and affection doesn’t bother me,” said Starling. “If you’re not taking off your clothes, I’m cool.”

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Feel Free to Make Conversation

“People should be greeted. I like to say ‘hi,’ and it makes me feel good if someone asks me how I am. But beyond that, if they don’t want to say anything else, that’s okay. I understand when people don’t want to talk,” said Starling. “I’m a social worker by trade and I’m an outreach worker for the homeless for the past 30 years. There’s not too much a person can say to me in my car that I haven’t heard on the street.”