It takes more than deep breaths to stay Joanna-level calm.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated May 05, 2018

Sometimes—especially when life gets a little too hectic—keeping a cool head gets tough. Balancing work, family obligations, spending time with friends, and taking care of oneself takes a lot of mental energy, and when it gets to be too much, many of us tend to get a little testy. But Joanna Gaines, who manages all of that on top of running an interior design empire, always seems to have a great attitude.

Real Simple caught up with Joanna at the launch of her new cookbook, Magnolia Table,and asked her how she makes the most of every moment.

“You put things in perspective, and you realize these are really amazing moments,” she says of the series of successes she and her husband Chip have enjoyed. “I don’t want to miss out on enjoying this process. So many times, we get to the end of it, and we’re like, ‘I don’t know what just happened.’ It’s really enjoying these moments and knowing these are once in a lifetime opportunities.”

Even if you’re not publishing cookbooks, starring in HGTV series, and appearing on the TODAY Show, Joanna’s advice can help you stay calm through everyday challenges. (Like forgetting to meal prep and scrambling to pull dinner together, for example.)

“Even when they’re just everyday, simple things, [I try] to be in the moment and appreciate that gift,” she says. “I feel like Chip is the best at that. He’s my cheerleader. Any time he’s with me, he definitely helps me stay positive, stay energetic, because he’s full of all of that.”

Whether you have a Chip-like cheerleader or not, you can face (and triumph over) whatever trials life throws at you by focusing on staying in the moment and appreciating all your successes as gifts and all your failures as learning opportunities. Like farmhouse sinks and clawfoot tubs, this method is Joanna-approved.