Good thing she didn’t lose it!   

By Nora Horvath
Updated May 11, 2017
hippostudio/Getty Images

Hiding the engagement ring, although perhaps a bit cliché, is a classic way to surprise your loved one when popping the question. But one Australian man took the concept to a new level when he hid an engagement ring inside of a necklace that he gave to his girlfriend for their one-year anniversary. She then proceeded to wear it around her neck nearly every day for over a year before she found out what was inside.

In a video he posted to YouTube, Terry shows photos of the process of making the necklace from Huon pine wood, followed by photos of his girlfriend, Anna, wearing it countless times throughout the year. Anna never became suspicious that there was anything hidden inside.

Terry then took Anna to Smoo Cave in Scotland, a place they had talked about visiting together as a couple, and set up a camera to catch the proposal as it happened. Terry wrote that the name Smoo also comes from an old Norse word for “hiding place,” so it was even more fitting.

In the video, you can see Terry getting down on one knee, pulling the necklace out of his pocket and cracking it open to reveal the surprise ring hidden inside. Anna then fell to her knees and accepted the picture-perfect proposal.

According to Terry, when it finally sunk in how long it had been there, Anna playfully yelled at him “I COULD HAVE LOST IT!”

The couple said that they are saving up to buy a home where they hope to host an intimate wedding with family and friends. We wish them a lifetime of happiness and many more fun surprises.