Whether you’re a red pen-carrying member of the English grammar police or have received citations for frequent “your/you’re” confusion (it happens!), you’ll benefit from following these language rule-devoted feeds.

By Liz Steelman
Updated January 04, 2017
Westend61/Getty Images


You might know Mignon Fogarty from her Grammar Girl podcast, but her curated Twitter-feed might have slipped past your radar. It’s filled with real world consequences of poor grammar, interesting language-related articles, as well as her famous quick usage tips.


Though Grammarly’s site focuses on copyediting, the writing app’s Twitter page skews towards playful usage of the English language. Follow the account for fun puns, relevant adjectives, and correct usage reminders.


Sofia T. Romero delighted word nerds with her blog Mighty Red Pen. Though she hasn't posted since October 2014, Romero tweets frequently. Come for her signature photos of funny grammar and spelling errors, but stay for her stray observations that are sure to resonate with any language-lover.

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We love Bill Walsh’s tweets for his clever word play. Can’t get enough of the Washington Post copy editor's wit? Check out his blog theslot.com.


This “guerrilla copy editing” Twitter shares pictures of spelling and grammar gone wrong in NYC. Sometimes a misplaced letter is all it takes to create a hilarious punch line.


Patrick Neylan is the @AngrySubEditor. His mission? Ridding the world of bloated business jargon. Follow along as he uses his (profile picture of a) machete to slash and skewer the influx of useless words.

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A copy editor (or novice devotee) can sometimes get a bad rap for being rigid with other people’s writing (or Facebook comments). Look at the pinned tweet atop the Bremner Editing Center at the University of Kansas’s Twitter: Sharing your love of grammar with others is a noble fight.