12 Dad Shows on Netflix to Binge-Watch on Father's Day

To celebrate Father’s Day, why not watch some dad shows on Netflix starring your second-favorite dads?

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There's no better time to salute some of our favorite Netflix dads than this Father's Day. If one of your preferred Father's Day activities is binge-watching and you're looking for the best shows on Netflix to screen with your dad in honor of the holiday, you'll want to check these dad-friendly shows out.

From working to protect his unusually gifted adoptive daughter (looking at you, Hopper) to just trying to keep his intergalactic family together (good on you, Mr. Robinson), these Netflix dads will keep you entertained (and may even inspire a few new Father's Day quotes).

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Stranger Things

Father and Son in Stranger Things, a Good Show on Netflix for Father's Day
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On this Netflix show, Chief Hopper is not only tasked with keeping the town of Hawkins, Ind. safe, but he also steps into a father role when he fosters the troubled and misunderstood Eleven. (If you can be patient, the new season drops on Memorial Day weekend—and makes a perfect Father's Day binge-watch with your dad.)

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Cobra Kai

Johnny and Daniel in Cobra Kai, wearing karate gi

For Karate Kid-loving dads, this show features former rivals Daniel and Johnny from the original movie as fathers and mentors to a new generation of kids.

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The Upshaws

Upshaws TV show

This Netflix sitcom stars Mike Epps as a working-class family patriarch muddling through with his wife and kids—and a child from a previous relationship.

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Fuller House

Fuller House, Good Shows on Netflix
Mike Yarish / Netflix

Your favorite '90s dad (the late Bob Saget) is back and cleaner than ever with the full Tanner Crew. This time around, the adventures center on DJ raising her three boys with the help of her sister, Stephanie, old pal (and bane of Danny's existence) Kimmy, and, of course, her dad, Danny.

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Lost in Space

Lost in Space, Good Shows on Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix

Being a father is hard work, no doubt about it–but being a father to a family stranded on a hostile, foreign planet with an alien robot in pursuit is a whole different story. It definitely makes for some riveting TV family drama, though!

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The Crown

The Crown on Netflix, Binge-Watch for Father's Day This Good Show
Robert Viglasky / Netflix

The Crown portrays the U.K.'s Prince Philip as a young father and husband navigating the life of a royal, dealing with some unexpected changes in his wife's responsibilities, and marital tensions that arise as a result of their unique situation.

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Arrested Development

Arrested Development, Good Shows on Netflix
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

To the delight of countless fans, Netflix brought the unhinged Bluth family back for their fifth season. As always, Michael Bluth champions the leading role, supporting his children, parents, siblings, and community as he struggles to keep the family together in the midst of legal and moral obstacles.

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Anne with an E

Anne with an E, Good Shows on Netflix
Marvin Moore

Though Matthew Cuthbert is a shy and sensitive man at heart, his spirit and zest for life are ignited by his love for his adopted daughter, Anne, and her undying passion for life in this wonderful Netflix series.

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Master of None

Good Show on Netflix Master of None on Netflix, Aziz Ansari and His Father

To capture the complex relationship between a son and his immigrant father, comedian, actor, and writer Aziz Ansari cast the only man for the role: his real-life father, Shoukath Ansari. The result is both heartwarming and funny, showcasing their father-son dynamic as they discuss dating in the age of social media.

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The Ranch

Watch The Ranch, a Good Show on Netflix
Greg Gayne/Netflix

In this Netflix Original Series, Sam Elliott's character, Beau, runs his family's grass-fed cattle ranch in Colorado and works to adjust his stubborn ways when his son Colt, played by Ashton Kutcher, returns home to take over the ranch.

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Cinco, Binge Watch This Good Show on Netflix With Your Dad
James Kronzer / Netflix

Cinco is the only hour-long Netflix special on this list: In it, Jim Gaffigan's "Cinco" represents not only his fifth comedy special but also his five children, and his act takes us hilariously through his struggles and tribulations as a father.

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Coach Snoop

Coach Snoop on Netflix, Good Shows on Netflix

While most might know him best for his rhymes and signature style, Snoop Dogg is more than just a legendary rapper from Long Beach. A father of four, Snoop has also served as a father figure to many through his football league, founded to keep at-risk kids off the streets. This Netflix docuseries is a good show for viewers to see that side of him.

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