The MSNBC co-host of Morning Joe shares her advice for women working toward raises and looking to increase their confidence at work.

By Lauren Phillips
September 25, 2018

If you’re struggling to be paid what your experience and accomplishments make you worth at work, you’re not alone—women across the country, at all ages and stages of their careers, are right there with you. Mika Brzezinski has been there, too.

The Morning Joe co-host and author of the revised and re-released Know Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth (From $15; had to negotiate for pay comparable to that of her co-host, Joe Scarborough—and ever since, she’s been helping other women get paid what they’re worth, too.

We spoke with Brzezinski ahead of “Get That Raise,” an event hosted by personal finance company SoFi to celebrate the launch of an interactive tool that can help professionals verbalize their career accomplishments, where she spoke with SoFi VP of Membership Libby Leffler on how young professionals can know and claim their value in the workplace. During our conversation, Brzezinski talked about how women can begin to understand their worth, what getting a raise can do for your work performance, and more.

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