Unisex baby names can make it simpler to settle on the perfect name for your baby.

By Lisa Milbrand
Updated March 15, 2021

Been thinking of giving your newest family member a gender-neutral name to set him or her apart? More and more baby names are becoming popular for both boys and girls—which makes it extra easy to settle on a baby name. (Bonus: You only need to settle on one baby name!)

Genderless baby names don't have to be devoid of personality, either. Some of the most intriguing baby name options can work beautifully for both boys and girls.

If you want to choose a unisex baby name, consider some of these up-and-comer name options that are on the rise in the U.S.

Surname Names

Last names can make great baby names—even if you don't necessarily have a specific connection to it. Parents have honored rock legends with their unisex baby names, like Lennon, Jagger, and Santana. Some other options you might consider in the same vein that can be genderless baby names include Sutton, Parker, Finley, Cameron, and Oakley.

Nature Names

Nature-themed baby names have become red-hot as part of the cottagecore baby naming trend. Some of the names that are being used for both boys and girls include Winter, Briar, Sage, August, and Robin.

More Unisex Baby Names

As celebrities have started giving their daughters traditionally male names (like James, Maxwell, and Wyatt), even more names have started becoming open to either gender.

One of the red-hot names right now for both boys and girls is Ezra, which is climbing the charts for both sexes. Friends fans are making Chandler a popular unisex baby name choice, and the short-and-sweet Kai is now on the rise for girls, too.

Some other genderless baby names you could consider: Blake, Charlie, Aspen, Nova, Remy/Remi, Emery, and Rory.