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By Real Simple
Updated August 13, 2004
Bob Hiemstra


Closet Secrets of the Pros, pg. 142
Conquer chaos and create closets that work. Expert advice from closet designers and personal organizers to help turn a mess into a model of order.

In Living Memory, pg. 152
On September 11, Manhattan's Ladder Company 8 lost a lieutenant; Marie Halloran lost her soul mate and the father of her five sons. Today she is raising the boys ― and the daughter he never knew ― to honor his values.

Classic Style, pg. 162
Trend-proof your wardrobe with clothes, shoes, and accessories that are built to last. Real Simple picks 32 versatile, timeless pieces worth investing in.

The Power of Two, pg. 172
Meet five pairs of women whose extraordinary relationship have helped them become stronger, happier, more vital people. Plus, tips on keeping your own valued friendships going strong.

Desperation Dinners, pg. 178
No time to shop? No problem. Chances are, you already have what you need to make Spicy Lemon Pasta, Potato "Lasagna," Crispy Falafel, and Fried-Rice Jambalaya.

Meals Made Easy, pg. 187
Three speedy seafood recipes ― Fresh-Herb Salmon, Chili Shrimp and Coconut Risotto, and Salmon Nicoise Salad ― that feed four.


In every issue

  • Thoughts, pg. 14
  • To-Do List..., pg. 26
  • Editor's Note, pg. 34
  • Contributors, pg. 38
  • Your Words, pg. 43
    If you could reward yourself for one weekend, what would you do?
  • Access, pg. 206
    Where to buy it
  • Real Hard, pg. 208
    "Show Me the Shui"


  • Easy Upgrade, pg. 49
  • Stylish slipcovers
  • A back-friendly book bag for kids
  • Desk-drawer emergency kit
    Uncommon Knowledge, pg. 54
  • Food wraps
    Cleaning Up, pg. 58
  • Your office work space
  • Fake It, Don't Make It, pg. 62
  • 10-Minute Calzones
  • PLUS: Picking perfect pears, an outdoor mini-heater, dry-cleaning alternatives, easy portion control


  • The healthiest fast food, pg. 65