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By Real Simple
Updated September 15, 2004
Antonis Achilleos


Reading Between the Lines, pg. 45
Foolproof ways to find the important (and sometimes hidden) information in menus, recipes, real estate ads, credit-card agreements, and more.

Style on the House, pg. 222
Three basic concepts ― contain, repeat, and repurpose ― turn all that semi-useful stuff you've been stashing away into practical, pretty, free home decoration.

One Classic, Two Ways, pg. 230
Some clothes transcend trendiness for good reason ― versatility, for starters. Four fall staples make eight outfits that work for any occasion.

Ripe Now, pg. 238
Many fruits and vegetables are fresher and more plentiful now than at any other time of the year. Here, 15 recipes to help you make the most of the late-summer bounty.

The Ripple Effect, pg. 248
Strength training isn't just for guys. Strong muscles are an important element of your overall health. Here's how to get them.

Success Stories, pg. 256
Everyone wants success, but not everyone defines it in the same way. Four women reveal their meanings of the word ― and how success adds meaning to their lives.

Life Guide


  • Dressy tops that go anywhere , pg. 79
  • Jeans to fit and flatter every body type, pg. 83
  • Save your soles, and heels, and straps: a shoe-repair guide, pg. 91


  • Turn family snapshots into wall art, pg. 97
  • The best blenders, pg. 107
  • Easy spray-paint makeovers, pg. 111


  • The right glue for every job, pg. 117


  • Stand tall with perfect posture, pg. 125
  • The medical tests every woman needs, pg. 133
  • In with the good air: a breathing lesson, pg. 141


  • Blushes with greatness, pg. 147
  • Nine common hair woes, solved, pg. 153
  • Beauty supplies that streamline your routine, pg. 161