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Anita Calero

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Thoughts, p. 10

The Simple List, p. 18

Editor's Note, p. 39

Contributors, p. 40

Everyday Celebrations
Making tomato sauce? Turn it into a party and invite a few friends, p. 43

Your Words
What is the best book your book club has read?, p.53


Life Lessons

Noelle Howey on the surprising virtues of being a quitter, p. 85

The Quiz
Are you fashionable?, p. 92

The Motivator
Take the sting out of criticism. Life coach Gail Blanke offers suggestions for both giving and receiving feedback, p. 213

Credits, p. 284

Reality Check
Directions for dinner, thanks to Google Moms, p. 288

Real Simple To Go, p. 290

The Guide


  • With new technology comes new social protocols. Navigate today’s rules with ease, p. 153
  • Reduce stress in two weeks with daily tips that will take you from frazzled to free as a bird, p. 163
  • Real Simple’s monthly pages on saving money: how to create a flexible investment plan, ways to cut down on clothing expenses, and the average kid’s allowance, p. 191

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