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Updated August 15, 2007
Olivia Graham

On the Cover

The New Tweed
Think tweed is the uniform of bookish librarians and frumpy professors? Think again. Get schooled in these sleek and modern dresses, jackets, and accessories, pg. 93

What’s Eating You?
No matter what your bad habit―mindless snacking, the office candy bowl―a few basic changes can help you eat better every day, pg. 203

Classic Combinations
Fail-safe fall ensembles that transcend time and trends. Mix and match all the pieces for a sophisticated, effortless style, pg. 290

The Chicken Handbook
Tastes like…chicken. Roast it, broil it, grill it. The complete guide to buying, prepping, and cooking your favorite fowl, pg. 302

Fast Friends
When was the last time you made a new friend? These pairs all met in times of crisis and forged lasting bonds they had never expected, pg. 312

Room Service
From eclectic to traditional, seven top decorators show how simple, low-cost ideas can pack a punch and lead to a sensational room, pg. 320

Plus the Best...

In This Issue

Thoughts, pg. 10

Why Not?, pg. 18

Contributors, pg. 24

Editor's Note, pg. 39

Real Inspiration

You don’t need a degree in geology to appreciate beautiful rocks. This earthy element can solidify the style in your home, pg. 43

Your Words
What was your most embarrassing fashion moment?, pg. 51

Simple Solutions
Garlic press to crack coriander seeds (and other new uses for old things); poisonous houseplants lurking within; Internet lingo unscrambled; and more, pg. 63

Life Lessons
Ann Patchett discovers the pleasures―and the payoff―of flexing her mental muscle, pg. 83

The Organizer
Finding the right necklace was like finding a needle in a haystack―until Real Simple detangled a jewelry lover’s collection, pg. 253

The Motivator
You have the power to change yourself and your world. So what are you waiting for? Life coach Gail Blanke wants to know, pg. 283

Credits, pg. 370

Real Life

Meet Real Simple reader Simone Pratt, a Brooklyn newlywed with a weakness for French fries, pg. 376

Real Simple to Go, pg. 378

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