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Updated August 04, 2004
Bob Hiemstra


Closet Cases, pg. 158
Four real women reveal how they created their fantasy closets ― and keep them clutter-free. Plus a dozen ideas that will help you do the same.

The Back Story, pg. 168
Oh, your aching back. The pain has many causes and treatments. A look at the benefits and drawbacks of each, as well as spinal tips to keep the pain away.

The Easy Charm of a Dress, pg. 176
Many women avoid dresses in their everyday wardrobe ―too formal, too fussy. But the right one can add flair without stinting on comfort.

Dr. Mom, pg. 182
Pediatrician and mother Christine Krause left her private suburban practice last year for a New York City hospital and found a more fulfilling life for herself (and her family).

Twice as Nice, pg. 188
No matter what's cooking, you'll spend less time over a hot stove if you use twice the ingredients, then freeze half the results. Six recipes that will double your pleasure.

Meals Made Easy, pg. 199
Fish dishes: Steamed Halibut with Kale and Walnuts today, Halibut Wrapped in Grape Leaves tomorrow, and Fish Pie, Fisherman's Stew, or Salad with Halibut anytime.

Life Guide


  • Suits to suit any occasion, pg. 71
  • The organized handbag: smart inside, stylish outside, pg. 79
  • The best mattress pads, pg. 87
  • Plant bulbs in Fall for Spring blossoms, pg. 93
  • How to unclog nearly anything, pg. 99
  • Healthy snacking before dinner, pg. 109
  • The tastiest supermarket bacon (and the top alternatives), pg. 117
  • Affordable shampoos and conditioners for every hair type, pg. 123
  • Tooth whiteners that get results, pg. 127
  • All the workout in half the time, pg. 131
  • Where to find accurate health information on the Web, pg. 135
  • Broaching awkward subjects with your boss, pg. 140
  • A fresh coat of paint breathes life into a room, but the task can seem Herculean. Our painting tips will get you primed and ready to roll. pg. 149