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Updated January 15, 2009
Real Simple October 2008
Credit: Mark Lund

On the Cover

In This Issue

Thoughts, p. 12

The Simple List, p.14

Editor's Note, p. 33

Contributors, p. 36

Everyday Celebrations
Celebrate fall at an orchard with a day of apple picking, p. 39

Your Words
What is your best easy organizing tip?, p. 47


Life Lessons
Mary Gordon on embracing her grandmother’s memory, p. 79

The Quiz
Test your eyes with junk-drawer I Spy, p. 84

Personal Best
Writer Gretchen Rubin shares her top-10 foolproof ways to be a happier person, p. 203

Credits, p. 272

Reality Check
Forget ghouls and goblins. These Halloween costumes are truly scary, p. 276

Real Simple To Go, p. 278

The Guide


Shine on ― eight simple ways to boost your hair’s gloss factor, p. 103

Take it easy: Skin-care tips so you don’t overcleanse, overexfoliate, or overmoisturize, p. 109

Concentrate your attention span: 10 ways to regain focus, p. 119


Chilly-weekend wardrobe pieces for $100 or less, p. 129

Add some kick to your fall footwear with 12 boot options, p. 133


Did something go bump in the night? Find out if your house is haunted or if there’s a logical explanation, p. 155


Save money this month by learning how to trim your electric bill and avoid overdraft-protection fees, and choose a wallet that’s right for you, p. 177

Special: Real Simple on TV
Get a sneak peek at Real Simple. Real Life. ― the new makeover show coming to TLC this fall, p. 89

Road Tests