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By Real Simple
Updated September 17, 2004
Frances Janisch


Beat the Clock, pg. 47
It's easier to find time for everything you need to do when you're doing it all at the right times. The best hours of the day to work out, see a doctor, go to the post office, and more.

4 Every Closet, pg. 262
With cluttered closets, out of sight does not mean out of mind (as much as we'd like it to). But with four versatile organizing tools, you can create order from that chaos.

Affairs of the Heart, pg. 272
Cardiovascular disease, by far the biggest killer of American women, can strike even the apparently healthy. How to assess your risk and then reduce it.

Memory Box, pg. 278
As they say, food is love. The search for the origin of a recipe box, lost nearly 40 years ago, turns up a treasure trove of emotional reminiscences and delicious dishes.

Iconography, pg. 288
Manolo Blahnik slingbacks. An Hermès bag. Why we value them so highly (the style, the craftsmanship, the timelessness), plus lower-cost, inspired alternatives.

Guiding Principal, pg. 298
Joan Sullivan was already accomplished before she took on the challenge of running an urban high school. But now she gets the most out of her students ― and herself.

Life Guide


  • Wash your face―the right way, pg. 89
  • The best-performing lipsticks, pg. 95
  • Anti-aging creams whose cost won't give you frown lines, pg. 103


  • Make your spare change count, pg. 111
  • Tips to break out of voice-mail jail and get connected to a human, pg. 119
  • Solutions to everyday conflicts, pg. 127


  • Make over linen-closet items, pg. 137
  • Hampers for every home, pg. 151


  • Brooms and dustpans for any job, pg. 157


  • Easy apple dishes, pg. 165
  • Multitasking kitchen tools, pg. 173
  • Get your goat cheese, pg. 181
  • Foolproof braised dinners, pg. 189
  • Top pancake mixes, recipes, pg. 199


  • The cream of the exercise-video crop, pg. 209
  • How to find a primary-care doctor, pg. 219
  • The breast cancer screenings that can save your life, pg. 229


  • Versatile, long-lasting black cashmere turtlenecks, pg. 235
  • Dressing tips for those with large busts, pg. 241
  • Comfortable, fashionable boots, pg. 245

The Organizer

  • You have the power. Make sure you have the right information to use it wisely, with this issue-by-issue look at the records of the presidential candidates. pg. 251