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Updated September 14, 2005
Real Simple October 2005
Credit: Jeff McNamara

How Do I Begin?, pg. 51
Whether you’re tracking down old friends, planning a big adventure, or taking up the piano, it’s the initial push that will send you on your way.

One Family, Six Closets, 46 Solutions, pg. 252
Real Simple helped the Carters of Illinois banish clutter and put streamlined sense in its place, with tips and tools that will work in any home.

Stir Crazy, pg. 266
A single easy technique and a few versatile ingredients yield countless fast, healthy dinners. (Wok not required.)

All in the Details, pg. 278
No need for a new wardrobe this fall: A few choice accessories can give your basics new life. Here, the perfect little extras.

Counter Intelligence, pg. 288
Skin-care experts tell how to avoid buying products you really don’t need ― and reveal which ones you actually do.

Group Therapy, pg. 294
How a woman’s battle with breast cancer inspired her circle of friends and neighbors to band together and create a community that joined in her fight.

The Guide


  • Keep leftovers fresh with innovative storage containers, pg. 105
  • The hardiest houseplants, pg. 113
  • Eye shadow 101, pg. 133
  • Surprising beauty stand-ins for the products you rely on most, pg. 141
  • Expert strategies for dining out, from scoring a table to picking a wine, pg. 153
  • Get what you want from customer-service reps, pg. 167
  • Buyer beware: a guide to common product-label warnings, pg. 179
  • Wool coats for fall and beyond, pg. 189
  • Comfortable shoes and tips for finding them, pg. 197
  • Stylish camisoles that elevate any wardrobe, pg. 207

Simple Solutions

Products of the Month, pg. 71
Seventeen goods that give back in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Show your support for the cause with lip gloss, kitchen knives, and more.

Easy Upgrade, pg. 80
Four ways to spice up those Saturday-morning scrambled eggs.

New Uses for Old Things, pg. 82
A coaster catches drips under sticky bottles; a vegetable bag scrubs pots.

Uncommon Knowledge, pg. 88
Hazardous household waste ― from old prescriptions to motor oil to batteries ― should not be flushed, poured down a drain, or set on the curb. Here’s how to dispose of it the right way.

Fake It, Don't Make It, pg. 90
Meatball Heros


Shopping List/Recipe Index, pg. 304

Can This Meal Be Saved?, pg. 307

  • You burned the chicken. Now what? Transforming kitchen blunders into inspired outcomes.

    Five Easy Dinners, pg. 315
  • A week's worth of quick, stress-free dinners.

    Technique, pg. 327
  • The shocking, do-ahead secret to perfectly cooked vegetables.

    Taste Test, pg. 331
  • From chewy to crispy, the best ready-to-bake chocolate-chip cookie doughs.


Thoughts, pg. 14

Your Words, pg. 61
What is your most reliable clutter-busting trick?

A (Not So) Sure Thing, pg. 93
By gracefully accepting that she may not be 100 percent right about anything in life, writer Mary Tannen discovered a happy by-product: She doesn’t obsess over any decision.

Postscript, pg. 338
An excerpt from the humor book, How Not to Get Rich: Or Why Being Bad Off Isn’t So Bad, by Robert Sullivan.

In Every Issue

  • Why Not?, pg. 20
  • Contributors, pg. 40
  • Editor’s note, pg. 46
  • Credits, pg. 334
  • Real Simple to Go, pg. 340