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On the Cover

The Well-Organized Kitchen, pg. 254
Whether you’re a daily cook, an occasional cook, or something in between, set up the kitchen so it works most efficiently for you.

Too Tired, Too Busy, or Too Bored to Workout?, pg. 282
Three women with three good excuses find realistic fitness plans to get them moving in the right direction ― and keep moving.

Friends in Need, pg. 109
Your crisis manual: how to help (and how not to) when someone endures a job loss, a divorce, a death, and more.

One Meal Fits All, pg. 311
Who has time to be a short-order cook? Here, a single, adaptable meal with something for everyone, whether toddler, teen, or adult.

Plus the Best...

The Guide


  • The right brush for your hair type and style, p. 93
  • Do you really need eight cleansers and 15 creams? When to stick to the essentials, pg. 101
  • A few need-to-know things about you ― from your measurements to your credit score, pg. 121
  • How to quit nail-biting, slouching, and other annoying habits, pg. 133
  • Choosing a quality handbag (for any size wallet), pg. 143
  • Chic convertible clothes that stretch your wardrobe ― and your closet, pg. 155
  • Breast cancer myths, Debunked, pg. 169
  • It’s a jungle in there: coping with rude and ridiculous behavior at the gym, pg. 177
  • Taming the tangle of electrical cords, pg. 197
  • Versatile benches for much more than seating, pg. 207
  • Enjoy the flavors of fall, pg. 274
  • Fake It, Don’t Make It: Minestrone, pg. 295
  • Five Easy Dinners, pg. 299
  • Quick, delectable pan sauces, pg. 319
  • Shopping List/Recipe Index, pg. 331

In Every Issue

Simple Solutions, pg. 59
All about candy apples; an eyeglass case that stores manicure supplies (and other new uses for old things); goods that give back; and more.

Real Inspiration, pg. 37
Six brilliant incentives to dig out your old silver and find clever ways to let it shine.

The Organizer, pg. 187
A New Orleans student was adrift after losing everything to Katrina. Real Simple turns her near empty new living room into a place to feel at home ― and plan her future.


  • Why Not?, pg. 14
  • Contributors, pg. 28
  • Editor’s Note, pg. 33
  • Credits, pg. 334
  • Real Simple To Go, pg. 342


Thoughts, pg. 10

Your Words, pg. 45
What do you love most about your kitchen?

Life Lessons, pg. 81
A writer reaches an uneasy peace with her feelings about her “exceptional” sister.

The Motivator, pg. 247
Turn moments of insecurity into a chance for adventure.

The Letter that Changed My Life, pg. 314
From a love-declaring telegram to a get-well pep talk from a hero, six women extol the transformative power of words on a page.

Real Life, pg. 352
Meet Jeanne Fleming.