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Updated August 04, 2004
Anita Calero


Turning the Tables, pg. 196
The main course may always be the same at Thanksgiving, but the place settings don't have to be. Whatever your style, learn to create something new out of what you already own.

Simple Abundance, pg. 206
Kitchen chaos is one Thanksgiving tradition to let go of. Real Simple's holiday menu cuts down on the work with fewer pots, more make-ahead suggestions, and a shopping list.

The Un-Book Club, pg. 218
A book club without the book? Meet women from across the country who have regular rewarding, revitalizing, fun get-togethers―without any homework.

Just Add Water, pg. 226
A bath isn't just for getting clean anymore. Add the right ingredients and soothe aching muscles, enrich dry skin, rev up your energy, or bring it down at night.

Shortcuts for Everything, pg. 232
Thirty-one corner-cutting tips for tackling life's little necessities―from keeping the kitchen clean to burning up the dance floor.

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Thoughts, pg. 14

Why Not..., pg. 18

Editor’s Note, pg. 34

Contributors, pg. 40

Your Words, pg. 45
What’s your best holiday timesaving tip?

Credits, pg. 274

Real Complex, pg. 276


New Uses for Old Things, pg. 55
Make a lightbulb and instant oatmeal go the extra mile

Easy Upgrade, pg. 58
Track lighting that's literally a snap

Products of the Month, pg. 60
From no-snag nail files to a no-mess cheese grater

Garden Guide, pg. 64
Pinecones make a durable winter window-box decoration

The Organized Life, pg. 66
Five systems to keep your makeup from taking over the bathroom

Uncommon Knowledge, pg. 68
How to dismiss those late-night party guests―politely

Fake It, Don't Make It, pg. 71
Black Bean Soup

Life Guide


  • Tasteful, tasty gifts by mail, pg. 77
  • Pies made easy, pg. 83
  • The best corkscrews, pg. 89
  • Bathrobes for any climate and every mood, pg. 93
  • Versatile black pumps, pg. 99
  • White shirts for all occasions, pg. 105
  • Makeup kits that will lighten your load, pg. 111
  • Moisturizers to baby your skin, pg. 115
  • Candles, from tea lights to pillars, pg. 119
  • Grocery-store flowers go upmarket, pg. 125
  • Comforters for all seasons, pg. 133
  • Your brain: a care and feeding guide, pg. 143
  • Why honesty with your doctor is the best policy, pg. 151
  • Handling classic difficult personalities, pg. 157
  • Paying bills on-line, pg. 165
  • Self-storage centers, pg. 171
  • Holiday travel tips, pg. 179
  • Does the thought of washing dishes give you a sinking feeling? The right equipment―starting with an efficient dish rack―can help you rise to the occasion. pg. 185


Peace In Every Bite, pg. 247
A meditation lunch is food for the soul.

All Systems Go, pg. 249
Sometimes the way we do things just doesn't get it done anymore. For novelist Cathleen Schine, that's when a "New System" can make life better―or at least more interesting.

Real Mission, pg. 256
Adriana Pezzulli of the Lower Eastside Girls Club on how the intense commitment of a group of women has changed the lives of the girls in their community.


Life Interrupted, pg. 259
After her mother was diagnosed with ALS, Elyse Lollis and her husband had to make big life changes. Our advisers help them cope with the financial and emotional tolls.

Life Coach

Conformance Anxiety, pg. 267
Sometimes we find ourselves doing not what we want to do, but what friends or family members seem to require. How to resist peer pressure―and live life according to our own rules.