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Updated October 08, 2004
Lustrous candles against a warm colored wall give off a sense of cheerfulness and comfort.
Dana Gallagher


Holding Patterns, pg. 47
Get a grip on many aspects of your life by learning how to hold things properly―from chopsticks and a wineglass to a newborn baby (and even your tongue).

25 Ways to Get Ahead for the Holidays, pg. 250
Do a little work now; have a jollier time come December. Real Simple’s get-ahead ideas will ease you into the most stress-free holiday season ever.

Anatomy of a Thanksgiving, pg. 262
Is your holiday a feast of burdens? With a little meal deconstruction, you―and your guests―can make the most of your time together.

One for All, pg. 270
A trip to the makeup counter can be dizzying: Do any of those colors match your skin tone? With the miracle of these universal shades, you’ll never have to wonder again.

The Long Way Home, pg. 276
The house you grew up in is always more than bricks and mortar. Four writers return to their childhood homes to find treasured memories―and the roots of their present selves.

Where Germs Lurk, pg. 284
Armed with a slew of antibacterial products, Americans have become engaged in no-holds-barred germ warfare. But a victorious strategy may be simpler than you think.

Life Guide



  • Foldable, stowable furniture, pg. 125
  • The best glass tumblers, pg. 133
  • How to hand wash any dish, pg. 137




  • An indoor fitness routine for the cold-weather months, pg. 183
  • Diagnosing and treating joint pain, pg. 191