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Thoughts, p. 6

The Simple List, p. 10

Contributors, p. 26

Editor’s Note, p. 29

Everyday Celebrations
All you need to know to host a fun and thrifty swap party, p. 35

Your Words
What’s the greatest gift your mother ever gave you?, p. 47


Life Lessons
Writer Sally Koslow on why living with Mr. Clean isn’t as neat as you might think, p. 69

Personal Best
Writer Judith Newman on the 10 questions to ask your mother now, p. 171

Reality Check
Merit badges for grown-ups, p. 246

Real Simple to Go, p. 248

The Guide

Hair, skin, and makeup experts reveal their best tips and products, p. 77

No-nonsense advice for landing a new job―or keeping the one you have, p. 95
Six common lies people tell―and 12 strategies to get closer to the truth, p. 129

Twenty styles to take the trauma out of shopping for a swimsuit, p. 103
Want a great summer tote for under $100? It’s in the bag, p. 117

Get schooled in calcium: a 101 course on the bone-building mineral, p. 123

Tackle the last frontier of organizing: the great outdoors, p. 139

How to save on garden supplies, where to find the best clothing sales, and why to buy athletic gear now, p. 148

Road Test