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Updated March 30, 2006
Anita Calero


Mirror Images, pg. 31
A well-placed mirror can open up a room, alter a view, or reflect a little personality. Try one of these five ideas to give old spaces a new look. Now who’s the fairest of them all?

One Room, One Weekend, One Easy Makeover, pg. 180
Real Simple helps a California family transform their lackluster living room with quick, inexpensive decor tricks that will work in any home.

The Yoga Cure, pg. 190
It can tone you up, calm you down, and improve your overall health. Well-known yogis guide you into five basic strengthening and stretching poses for any body.

A Pan for All Seasons, pg. 198
Cast iron is smoother than nonstick, sturdier than stainless, and versatile enough to cook anything from roast pork to fruit tarts. And cleanup is a cinch with a few simple tips.

100 Years of Attitude, pg. 206
Age may be nothing but a number, but when you’re 100 or older, it’s also a historic marker. Five such women share what they’ve learned about living happy, healthy lives.

White Ideas, pg. 216
Crisp. Clean. Effortlessly cool. And flattering to all shapes. Here, 15 pieces that prove white is right for your wardrobe―and ready to reclaim its place in the sun.

In Every Issue

Why Not?, pg. 10

Contributors, pg. 26

Editor’s Note, pg. 29

Credits, pg. 264

Real Simple To Go, pg. 268


Products of the Month, pg. 49
Eco-friendly laundry detergent packets; a mini fan with cloth “blades.”

Party Trick, pg. 54
Transform a string of holiday lights into party lanterns with paper or plastic cups.

New Uses for Old Things, pg. 56
Bubble wrap keeps necklaces tangle-free; a wet dish towel prevents a cutting board from slipping.

Garden Guide, pg. 62
Keep trees and shrubs in shape with some basic pruning skills.

Easy Upgrade, pg. 64
Tie one on: four surprising uses for ribbon. No old oak tree required.

Healthy Habit, pg. 66
When―and how―to doubt your doctor and get a second opinion.

Fake It, Don’t Make It, pg. 68
Fruit Danish

The Guide


  • Swimsuits that work, whether you’re looking to conceal, reveal, or do a little bit of both, pg. 81
  • Rope them in: espadrilles, updated, pg. 91


  • Ideas for staying in touch with distant loved ones, pg. 99
  • Service with a smile: 20 fun and fulfilling ways to volunteer, pg. 107




The Organizer


The Staple, pg. 229
Eight zesty dishes inspired by the versatile lemon.

Technique, pg. 245
The easiest ways to trim spring produce.

Meals Made Easy, pg. 253
Sneak peek: dinner recipes from Real Simple’s new cookbook.

Shopping List/Recipe Index, pg. 260


Thoughts, pg. 8

Your Words, pg. 37
What’s your favorite piece of advice from your mother?

  • Web Exclusive: More Treasured Advice from Mom

Sick of Worrying, pg. 79
Little by little, a hypochondriac tames her anxieties about her health and well- being (well, almost).

Postscript, pg. 266
An excerpt from the memoir Are You Happy?, by Emily Fox Gordon.