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A Lean, Mean Cleaning Routine, pg. 192
The easiest, fastest, most organized system for dusting, disinfecting, scrubbing, and shining every room.

Hot Numbers, pg. 202
Spring clothes should be colorful and versatile―ready for warm sun and cool breezes alike. With these 34 favorites, you'll be covered through spring, summer, and beyond.

A Piece of Cake, pg. 212
Sometimes it seems as if the days of lovingly baked treats are gone. But with one box of yellow cake mix and these seven recipes, homemade is less work than a trip to the bakery.

Grand Mothers, pg. 220
Six true matriarchs impart the lessons they've taught their Children―and grandchildren and great-grandchildren―about strength and sacrifice, love and family.

Meals Made Easy, pg. 235
Ground beef plus ground pork equals many menus' worth of hearty dinners: Bacon-Wrapped Meat Loaf, Moroccan Spiced Patties, Shepherd's Pie, and more.

In Every Issue

Thoughts, pg. 12

Why Not..., pg. 16

Editor’s Note, pg. 38

Contributors, pg. 42

Your Words, pg. 53
What is your favorite cleaning tool?

Credits, pg. 268

Real Complex, pg. 272


Easy Upgrade, pg. 59
Convert a twin bed into a daybed

New Uses for Old Things, pg. 60
Added value from a bleach bottle and a dish towel

The Organized Life, pg. 62
Four lunch boxes to keep your food incredibly edible

Uncommon Knowledge, pg. 64
Invitation reciprocation, or must all social favors be repaid?

Products of the Month, pg. 66
Peel-off decals to brighten a wall; a clock that sets itself year-round

Fake It, Don’t Make It, pg. 70
Corn Chowder

Life Guide


  • What keeps cut flowers fresh (and what doesn't), pg. 79
  • Strong, absorbent paper towels, 87
  • Which pots to stock: cookware 101, pg. 93
  • Weekend bags for packing light or heavy, pg. 99
  • Swimsuits to flatter every figure, pg. 105
  • The simplest self-tanners, pg. 113
  • How to shop and care for fragrance, pg. 117
  • Products and care tips for shiny hair, pg. 123
  • An adhesive-bandage road test, pg. 131
  • Getting the most out of a cardiovascular workout, pg. 135
  • How meditation improves your mind and body, pg. 141
  • Don't hold the mayo: the best brands, plus easy recipes, pg. 147
  • Making pasta healthier, pg. 153
  • Cool aid: the real stats on sports drinks, pg. 159
  • Behave yourself: 12 modern ethical dilemmas, pg. 165
  • Vacation planning made (almost) effortless, pg. 173
  • Death. Taxes. Clutter. Only the first two are inevitable. Seven strategies for motivating yourself to get rid of all the things you don't want, need, or even like, pg. 183


Real Mission, pg. 245
Jane Leu of Upwardly Global on how helping highly skilled immigrants achieve their true potential is rewarding and inspiring for all.

Signed, Sealed, Undelivered, pg. 249
It's important to express yourself, but sometimes it's best if no one actually hears. Unsent letters have let Katharine Weber vent infernos of frustration, anger, and loss―without burning any bridges.


Confessions of a Spendaholic, pg. 257
Lisa Maxwell often finds herself shopping for things she doesn't need and can't afford. Real Simple's advisers counsel her on reforming her habits and reining in her finances.

Life Coach

The Road to Forgiveness, pg. 263
Have you ever been betrayed by a friend or a loved one? Find out why forgiving may be the best step you can take―for yourself.