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By Real Simple
Updated August 10, 2004
Anita Calero


My Mother Told Me So, pg. 158
Mom was right on target. Collected wisdom from mothers around the country on looking good, loving your kids, and, yes, having it all.

Room Revivals, 166
Every house has at least one space that has never felt quite right. Real Simple makes over a bedroom, a bathroom, a foyer, and a home office―the easy way.

Dress the Part, pg. 176
Show off your best feature with flattering summer fashions. Plus exercise suggestions for targeted toning.

A Life in Boxes, pg. 182
Trash it or treasure it? Kirsten Allen Major sorts through 22 years of memorabilia to find what’s meaningful and to get rid of what’s not.

Eat Your Vegetables, pg. 188
They’re good for you, and now they taste good, too, with these 12 appetizing side-dish recipes.

Meals Made Easy, pg. 197
Three delicious spring dinners: Ginger Chicken, Spring Pasta with Crispy Prosciutto, and Chicken Meat Loaf.

In Every Issue

Thoughts, pg. 12

Why Not..., pg. 18

Editor's Note, pg. 34

Contributors, pg. 42

Your Words, pg. 47
Which activities keep you connected to friends, neighbors, and the world?

Credits, pg. 231

Real Hard, pg. 232
Bad Dieters on the Road to Ruin


Garden Guide, pg. 55
A window box, a few minutes, and a season of flowers

New Uses for Old Things, pg. 56
Getting more out of a dustpan, a candle, and a cocktail shaker

Space-Saving Storage, pg. 60
Pack up winter clothes efficiently

The Organized Life, pg. 62
A station for stationery

Products of the Month, pg. 64
From a compact dish rack to flexible bakeware

Easy Upgrade, pg. 66
Liven up a hallway with a faux runner

Fake It, Don't Make It, pg. 68
Pasta Primavera

Life Guide


  • Lightweight sweaters for cool summer days, pg. 75
  • Seasonal shoes for the office, pg. 81
  • Swimsuits for every body type, pg. 85
  • What will keep your feet smooth and soft, pg. 91
  • Quick lipstick tips, pg. 95
  • The best step stools, pg. 99
  • Nontoxic pest control, pg. 103
  • CD player-radios that bring tunes to any room, pg. 107
  • Food professionals’ favorite cookbooks, pg. 111
  • High-quality kitchen staples to stock, pg. 117
  • Increase your metabolism to lose weight and feel better, pg. 121
  • Take your exercise routine to the great outdoors, pg. 127
  • Five steps to taming e-mail, 133
  • On-line airline tickets, pg. 137
  • Big secrets of small talk, pg. 143
  • Three versatile, easy-to-install shelves that look great and free up precious space, pg. 149


Life Lessons, pg. 207
Closing one of life’s doors often opens another. Poet Molly Peacock reflects on her decision not to have children―a road less traveled, but one she realized was her ideal journey.

Wise Woman, pg. 214
Public-garden designer Lynden B. Miller on the comforts of green space and her favorite plants.


Home Near the Range, pg. 217
A Virginia couple want to give their kitchen a major overhaul. Our advisers tell them how to go about it and how they can afford it.

Life Coach

Three Little Words, pg. 225
I’m really sorry. It’s hard to say it, and sometimes even harder to mean it. Why apologies matter.