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By Real Simple
Updated August 25, 2004
Ellen Silverman


The Little House That Could, pg. 90
In a cozy California home, a family of four discovers the pleasures of compact living.

Five Days in May, pg. 98
Spring into summer with style. Versatile ensembles for dressing up any occasion, from May Day to Memorial Day and beyond.

Instant Gardens, pg. 104
No space? No time? No problem. In a weekend, you can created a container garden―anywhere. Here’s how to get started.

See Jane Cook…, pg. 114
Seven nights of at-home dinners from the Vermont kitchen of Real Simple food editor Jane Kirby.

Adventures in Eating, pg. 102
Take a culinary world tour with globe-trotting menus from Greece, Morocco, China, and beyond.

In Every Issue

Thoughts for the Month, pg. 12

Editor's Note, pg. 18

Your Letters, pg. 22

Your Words, pg. 33
Keeping in Touch

Simple Solutions, pg. 36
Thirty-one vases for May flowers…perfect gifts for every mom, from books to bedding, teapots to home videos…and more.

Technique, pg. 124
Asparagus Tips

Real Hard, pg. 144
May Day, May Day

Simple Info

  • Organizing: Kids’ artwork, pg. 51
  • Money: Autopilot portfolio, pg. 55
  • Clothes: Sandals, pg. 59
  • Tech: CD burners, pg. 62
  • Beauty: Hair removal, pg. 64
  • Nature: Bird-watching, pg. 67
  • Health: Drinking water, pg. 71
  • Auto: Safest SUVs, pg. 74
  • Food: Berries, pg. 76
  • Fitness: Biking, pg. 79
  • Home: Sweater storage, pg. 83
  • Etiquette: E-manners, pg. 87

Real Life

My Other Mother, pg. 130
When a loving nanny entered a young girl’s life, she made a lasting impression―and forever changed the family.

Tony, Carmela, and Me, pg. 134
The Sopranos’ only woman writer marries domestic life and Mafia life in one of TV’s biggest hits.

Life Coach: Now, Stop That!, pg. 138
Make a “things not to do” list and watch your life get a whole lot easier.