See what was in this issue of Real Simple.
Credit: Anna Williams

On the Cover

Real Inspiration, pg. 55
Four easy and illuminating ways to display candles ― plus one bright make-it-yourself gift idea.

Stress Less, pg. 284
Feeling frazzled? Try these proven strategies for controlling stress (instead of letting stress control you).

Thanksgiving Dinner: As Easy As 1-2-3, pg. 254
Picture this: a simple, photographic step-by-step guide to the bird and all its trimmings that will make your meal take flight.

December Holiday Savings Guide, pg. 127
For shopping, traveling, or decorating, use these money-smart tips to keep seasonal bills from soaring.

Family Ties, pg. 264
You can’t choose your relatives, but you can choose how to remember them. Four women found inspiring ways to pay lasting tribute to their family histories.

Plus the Best...

  • Winter gloves, pg. 221
  • Food processors, pg. 231
  • Cleansing cloths, pg. 237
  • Vanilla ice cream, pg. 243

The Guide


  • Learn the proper technique for basic makeup, and a few simple steps to give your look an extra boost, pg. 139
  • Click globally. These shopping sites bring the world to your closet, pg. 155
  • Ever regret a purchase? How to shelve buyer’s remorse forever, pg. 165
  • Place settings to dress up the classic white plate for any occasion, pg. 175
  • Easy systems for organizing your recipes, pg. 185

In Every Issue

Simple Solutions, pg. 75
Tart up holiday cocktails with Cranberries (and other new uses for old things); invitations for every holiday celebration; and more.

The Organizer, pg. 211
A Philadelphia couple tried squeezing two wardrobes into one closet ― with predictably chaotic results. Real Simple came to the rescue.


  • Why Not?, pg. 20
  • Contributors, pg. 44
  • Editor’s Note, pg. 51
  • Credits, pg. 334
  • Real Simple To Go, pg. 344


Thoughts, pg. 14

Your Words, pg. 63
How do you save money during the holidays?

Dinner for One , pg. 97
Alone for the first time in years, a writer who took pleasure in cooking for others learns the importance of nourishing herself.

The Motivator, pg. 247
Follow your instincts. They could save your life, says life coach Gail Blanke.

Inspiring Beauty, pg. 274
Four women find their style muses close to home.

Real Life, pg. 342
Meet Claudia Walters.