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Updated August 30, 2004
Bob Hiemstra


Sweater Season, pg. 88
Knits are the easiest clothes to wear and make. Check out the latest styles and our pattern for a sweater you can make yourself.

Thanksgiving With Friends, pg. 98
Sharing good food and camaraderie is what it’s all about. We’ve provided classic recipes; you invite the guests.

Living In Your Own Skin, pg.106
What you need to know about moisturizers before the weather gets any colder and your skin any rougher.

Love, Luck & Laughter, pg. 114
An Illinois mom has shepherded her family through good and bad, never losing her sense of humor.

RSVP, pg. 124
Entertaining can be painless if you’re organized. Game plans with food, music, and tabletop suggestions for three foolproof parties.


Tools That Empower, pg. 52
Being able to do basic home repairs is a worthy ambition.
An Ordered Kitchen, pg. 61
Grids, rails, and neat drawers and counters make room for the chef.

Straight Story

The Cell Game, pg. 71
How to navigate your way through all the phones and service plans out there.
A Posture Checkup , pg. 78
Sit up straight, hold your head high, plant your feet firmly on the ground, and other useful lessons.
Hiring A Financial Planner 83
First find out if you need one. Then find the right one for you.

Real Life

Tea and History, pg. 142
For generations this family and its children have shared tea and memories.
The Accidental Artist, pg. 146
Meet Campbell Geeslin and his charming marionettes.
How To Have A Happy Holiday 150
Cut down on the work, learn to accept your crazy relatives, and have a good time.

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  • Thoughts For The Month, pg. 8
  • Editor's Note, pg. 20
  • Contributors, pg. 28
  • Your Words, pg. 33
    Holiday De-Stressing
  • Simple Solutions. pg. 38
    A month of gravy after-Thanksgiving-dinner game...the all-purpose holiday dress…hostess gifts…e-mail invitations...stationery...the best etiquette book...and more
  • Technique, pg. 132
    All About Knives
  • Real Hard, pg. 156