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Updated February 02, 2007
Lucas Allen

On the Cover

36 Surprising Things You Can Get for Free, pg. 214
Who knew you could study French, collect books, chat with a friend in Chile, and a whole lot more without spending a cent?

The One Step Wardrobe, pg. 222
Looking for a fashion solution this spring? Slip into a dress. Whether silk, cotton, tropical wool, or twill, one-piece dressing means guaranteed polish ― and less morning stress.

How to Deal with Toxic People, pg. 169
Researchers have found that moods really are contagious. Here’s why, plus how to inoculate yourself against the harmful vibes that sometimes surround you.

The Real Simple Product Hall of Fame, pg. 234
A juicer that looks like sculpture, plastic containers that do it all ― here are 20 tried-and-true products that Real Simple staffers can’t live without.

Modern Casseroles, pg. 242
From a Chowder Bake to Quesadilla Pie, these six updated casseroles preserve the homeyness without the canned-soupiness.
Web Exclusive: Mock Moussaka Recipe

Together for Life, pg. 190
Five couples, from newlyweds to half-century veterans, discuss the ties that bind, the habits that irk, and the ins and outs of modern marriage.

Plus the Best...

  • Flashlights, pg. 201

In This Issue


  • Brighten up your wardrobe by adding just a bit (or a lot) of color, pg. 85
  • When to invest in ― and save on ― wardrobe indispensables, pg. 93


  • Your comprehensive, all-purpose guide to a healthy head of hair, pg. 107


  • Web Exclusive: Emergency-Kit Essentials
  • Breathe easier: Improve your air quality at home and at work, pg. 129
  • Web Exclusive: Clean Air Information


  • Shades, curtains, and blinds that solve everyday window problems, pg. 137


  • Finally, permission to lie, tattle, and skip the gym, all without guilt, pg. 161
  • Keep whiners, complainers, and other emotionally draining people from bringing you down, pg. 169


  • Five Easy Dinners, pg. 265
  • Shopping List/Recipe Index, pg. 276

In Every Issue

Simple Solutions

  • Turn your favorite vessel into a candlestick; remove grease stains on fabric with cornmeal; and more, pg. 55

Road Tests

  • Wedges, pg. 183
  • Flashlights, pg. 201


  • Thoughts, pg. 8
  • Your Words, pg. 45
    What’s the most surprising financial advice you’ve ever received?
    Web Exclusive: More of Your Most Surprising Financial Advice
  • Life Lessons, pg. 79
    A tragic event teaches one woman how to ask for ― and accept ― help.
  • The Motivator, pg. 207
    Someone looks at you funny. Is she angry, or is that just your perception? You have the power to decide, says life coach Gail Blanke.
  • Finding Financial Freedom, pg. 250
    Money matters. No one knows that better than these three inspiring women who conquered their financial woes.
  • Real Life, pg. 284
    Meet Real Simple reader Kamyra Harding.

    The Organizer, pg. 155
    Real Simple turns a messy kitchen corner into a smooth-running household command center.

    Real Inspiration, pg. 37
    Let your rooms bloom by mixing florals with other patterns for a cheery, sophisticated look.

    Why Not?, pg. 18
    Contributors, pg. 30
    Editor's Note, pg. 33
    Credits, pg. 278
    Real Simple to Go, pg. 286