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Updated January 18, 2006
Victor Schrager

Beauty in Numbers, pg. 41
You don’t have to be van Gogh or Cézanne to create stunning still lifes. Here’s how to turn everyday objects into accents for each room of your house.

Fix Your Money Leaks, pg. 188
If it seems as if your paycheck mysteriously disappears each week, hidden financial leaks might be the culprit. Twenty-two ways to plug them so your wallet won’t be drained.

Budding Talent, pg. 196
Get the most out of spring flowers: Learn how to trim, arrange, display, and extend the life of everything from tiny lilies of the valley to towering cherry-blossom branches.

Friends Again, pg. 204
They were inseparable as children, then faded out of each other’s lives. Meet five pairs of friends who reconnected with the past by picking up where they left off.

One-Pot Wonders, pg. 216
Who says a hearty, home-cooked meal means a sinkful of cookware? These six streamlined recipes use a single skillet or stockpot to create delicious, satisfying dishes.

Jackets Be Nimble, pg. 224
Four versatile jacket styles that will transform your wardrobe by elevating the casual, dressing down the fancy, and breathing new life into old standbys.

The Guide


  • Seven unexpected, easy side tables, pg. 85
  • Unraveling the mysteries of aluminum foil, plus some surprising new uses, pg. 95

  • Do alternative therapies (from acupuncture to hypnosis) really work?, pg. 103
  • Why ― and how ― you should cut back on salt, pg. 113

  • Shampoo smarts: the right products and techniques for minimum wear and maximum clean, pg. 123
  • How to correct makeup that doesn’t quite work, pg. 131

  • Tips for navigating sticky social situations, pg. 139
  • But wait ― there’s more! Ten as-seen-on-TV products that live up to their lofty claims, pg. 149

  • Dry cleaning 101, pg. 157
  • Lingerie essentials that solve common wardrobe problems, pg. 167

    The Organizer
  • Raise a glass, raise your heart rate, or raise an auction raise money for charity. Try one of these fun and effective benefit-event ideas, pg. 175


New Uses for Old Things, pg. 57
A matchbox stores a travel sewing kit; a ketchup bottle filled with pancake batter squeezes out perfect rounds.

Easy Upgrade, pg. 60
Four ways to dress up toasted baguette slices ― no tomatoes, onions, or basil required.

Products of the Month, pg. 62
Dishwashing gloves with sponges built in to the palms; a four-function tool that makes household repairs a snap.

The Organized Life, pg. 66
Tips for clearing up a cluttered computer desktop.

Uncommon Knowledge, pg. 68
Wines to order when you want salmon and he wants beef.

Healthy Habit, pg. 69
Smart snacking substitutes.

Fake It, Don’t Make It, pg. 70


Five Easy Dinners, pg. 235
A week’s worth of quick-to-fix meals.

Taste Test, pg. 247
The best jarred tomato sauces.

Shopping List/Recipe Index, pg. 250


Thoughts, pg. 14

Your Words, pg. 51
How do you stay on a budget?

Best in Show, pg. 75
A Weimaraner named Dharma with a penchant for destruction leads a writer down the path to enlightenment.

Postscript, pg. 256
An excerpt from the new travel memoir A Year in the World, by Frances Mayes.

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  • Why Not? pg. 18
  • Contributors, pg. 32
  • Editor’s Note, pg. 34
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